Responses to Dua Mangi’s abduction are proof that our society loves to victim blame

Updated 03 Dec, 2019 04:10pm

Why blame five armed kidnappers for abducting a young woman and shooting her friend when you can blame her?

A tragic incident took place in Karachi on Saturday night where a young woman was kidnapped while her friend was shot.

Dua Mangi was walking with her friend, Haris Fatah in DHA when four or five armed men in a car intercepted them, fired multiple shots, left the guy wounded and took her away, officials and witnesses said.

Family of the now missing woman put up statuses on social media while the news covered the shocking incident and people starting talking about the matter, but not in the way you'd think.

Disgusting and ridiculous comments poured in, calling out Mangi for being kidnapped because apparently, it was her fault. Her crime? Trying to be herself.

From her dressing to her tweets, people found a way to rid men with weapons of any guilt over kidnapping a young woman and shooting her friend - leaving him to recover in the ICU.

The same folks who go 'not all men' are going beyond complicity in their support of the kidnapping, saying 'yes all women.'

And the same people who say "that's just his social media personality" to defend a person's problematic statements claim she was “asking” to be abducted because of her tweets and views.

The very people who deny the notion that this country isn't safe for women have once again proven this country isn't safe for women.

And of course, because no one really cares about the wellbeing of a young woman, some didn't even miss a chance to mock her appearance and looks in general.

To you all we say:

A young woman's life is at stake, so many others have suffered like this. Can we all please have some basic empathy and stop with the moral policing?