First glance, you'd think this was her!
First glance, you'd think this was her!

Makeup artist and stylist Shoaib Khan got on our radar when he transformed into Maleficent. We still can't over those cheekbones.

Now, Khan has paid tribute to the one and only Noor Jehan and he did so by transforming into her.

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Can you even? Because we just can't.

Shoaib shared the picture from which he drew inspiration from and we are in awe of his attention to detail; from the makeup and hair to the jewellery, everything is on point and flawlessly delivered.

Shoaib captioned his post, "Growing up in the era of PTV. one could not help but be mesmerised not only just by the most melodious voice you will ever hear but a true comprehension of beauty of Malika-e-Tarannum Madam Noor Jehan. I still remember watching her on TV and feeling star-struck in an instant. This is my attempt to send a tribute to this everlasting symbol of beauty... I hope you all like it."

We do, Shoaib, we definitely do. Waiting for a masterclass now!