Updated 18 Oct, 2019

Mahira Khan just became the first Pakistani celebrity to reach 5 million followers on Instagram.

She hit the milestone on Friday, becoming the only Instagrammer with that many followers in Pakistan.

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She’s closely followed by Sajal Aly and sisters Aiman and Minal Khan, who are also just shy of the 5 million mark.

Mahira Khan made her way to Paris Fashion Week and made a mark with all her on point streetstyle looks.


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rs34503756 Oct 18, 2019 07:14pm
Is Mahira Khan the best influence for our youth?
N abidai Oct 18, 2019 11:43pm
Mahira khans has the talent ,beauty,and humbleness, she is a positive energy ,whose sense of style is effortless elegance in eastern and western fashion! Plus,she is opening doors for others!
isha Oct 19, 2019 01:36am
@rs34503756 no one is forcing anyone including you to consider her one. find some other person to influence you rather than being bitter about her success
Reborn Oct 19, 2019 07:11pm
Hope she's minting it also. No point having such a huge following without profits.
sixes Oct 21, 2019 09:09am
Yes, she is very talented, loving, adorable famous star.