No, Anushka Sharma is not pregnant

Published 30 Jul, 2019 06:43pm

After working in Zero alongside Shahrukh khan, Anushka Sharma has taken a break from doing films in order to spend time with her husband. Sounds alright doesn't it?

Apparently it isn't as the rumour-mill started churning out theories about the actor being pregnant.

Looks like Anushka has had enough of it as in an interview with Filmfare she decided to not only address these rumours but put a stop to them altogether.

Said the actor, "Yeah. If you're married then people ask, Is she pregnant? They love to read into something when there really isn't anything."

Anushka and Virat tied the knot in December 2017
Anushka and Virat tied the knot in December 2017

She added, "An actress gets married and the next thing they talk about it is, Is she pregnant? When she’s dating it’s like, Shaadi karne wale hai ki nahi? It’s crude. You should allow people to live their life. What’s the need to jump the gun? Then put someone in a position where they end up clarifying unnecessarily. What irks me is the clarification part. Do I need to clarify? Nahi! But then that’s how it is."

"Any actress, who gets married... sabke baare mein they’ve said something. Someone could be wearing clothes that are loose. That’s because they’re trendy. But they’re said to be pregnant. It’s like a monkey on your back. You can’t do anything about it. You just ignore it."

Perhaps it's best that people wait for the star to announce her life plans herself rather than speculate and make statements for her. Just saying.