Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain got engaged and everyone has an opinion

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain got engaged and everyone has an opinion

Hussain proposed to Iqra in a VERY public way at the LSAs and people have a lot of feelings about it...
Updated 24 Jan, 2020

Yasir Hussain proposed to Iqra Aziz in a very public way and that seems to have ruffled some feathers.

At the 18th edition of the Lux Style Awards on Sunday, Hussain went down on one knee and popped the question to his long-time girlfriend, Iqra. Don't worry, she said yes!

For a society that's obsessed with marriage, we sure seem to be full of haters. Trolls came down hard on the couple and it's ironic because just a few days ago, Aziz had posted about the damage cyber-bullying can do. We just don't learn, do we?

While some couldn't be happier for the newly-engaged couple...

Others were enraged by the PDA

It would be funny if it weren't so sad that people are more tolerant towards abuse than affection

Taking it to an entirely different tangent, some people thought that the venue selection for the proposal was a little tacky. Hey, to each their own!

People also called out Yasir's questionable statement where he drew the unfitting parallel of being Iqra's third award.

Okay, fair point. Maybe the Lahore Se Aagay actor did hijack Iqra's thunder a little bit...

That said, being raised in an a culture which conditions one to mistake love and expression for weakness and vulnerability, people are appreciative of Yasir wearing his heart on his sleeve.

We don't usually agree with Hamza Ali Abbasi but he's right when he says celebrate the good

Dropping some real truth bombs.

We have to admit, there were some funny memes doing the rounds on social media

Amidst all the criticism Yasir and Iqra have received, their fans stand stall and continue to extend love and support.

Regardless of what anyone has to say, we hope and wish the best for the couple!


Puma Jul 09, 2019 03:50pm
When you make it a public event everyone is going have an opinion. They could have done this at a private function
MA Jul 09, 2019 04:13pm
Should not encourage this in public space , NO.
HashBrown® Jul 09, 2019 05:43pm
@MA "Should not encourage this in public space , NO." Yes, let's keep any kind of physical affection behind closed doors, that is what our nation's "Izzat" is all about. Record numbers of children - boys and girls - are abused in madressahs, women suffer virtually daily harassment in all aspects of public life, we have one of the world's highest levels of pornography viewing/downloading, but we're too scared to even discuss these crises. But that's ok, as long as our "Izzat" is protected.
Naeem Jul 09, 2019 07:25pm
This is strictly a personal choice. There is no right or wrong . He is proposing for marriage not doing anything indecent or illegal. If you do not like it just look away and if you do, wish them good luck.
karachite Jul 09, 2019 09:14pm
Takes alot of courage to express your love for soneone in the public Even the mothers and fathers never do that for their chi in public. (Just saying) Nice going. But " yea batao yr larki ny kia kaha ??"
Khalid Toronto Jul 09, 2019 09:16pm
If they pay their taxes and don't break any laws, I am happy for them.
Laila Jul 09, 2019 09:41pm
Here is the thing. They are doing things differently. So naturally people are going to chime in. I don't see the big deal. Two people found love and each other. That's good. But the tweet about him hitting her rather than kissing her was spot on. We don't bat an eye if a man, stranger or relative hits his wife, but kissing or loving and out comes the moral police. Bitter truth. So congrats to you both. May you live long and happy. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate....just shake it off - Taylor Swift
Hina Jul 09, 2019 09:48pm
Ohk ppl...just cool down a bit, you're getting fumed up for a few public kisses of Iqra & Yasir b4 marriage...what could be worse than these shameless ppl spending vacays together doing everything from A B X Y Z
Sufyan Jul 09, 2019 11:34pm
Badly conceived by yasir. It could have done in a gentle way.
Dr.Sadaf Jul 10, 2019 12:09am
I don’t have an opinion but am just wondering that she could have done much better.
Uzay Yazdani Jul 10, 2019 02:04am
I have no opinion.
Maryam Siddique Jul 10, 2019 08:15am
Pakistanis tend to have backward opinions. We lived in a town and our village got electricity when I was 9 years old. People's 'opinions' changed drastically after they started to live a modern lifestyle with electricity. Then when I was 19 my villagers started to migrate to UK and Dubai. This made their opinions more advanced. By the time I am 49 most people in my village would have migrated to UK so 'opinions' will change even more. Pakistanis opinion change according to their environment.
Anon Jul 11, 2019 08:00am
Gorgeous Couple.
CanadianT Jul 11, 2019 07:21pm
You both berated the community. Hope your relation last longer