The video may offer some inspirations too.
The video may offer some inspirations too.

Upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr Pakistani flick Chhalawa already got a colourful trailer but now there's a colourful music video too.

The titular track for the film 'Chhalawa' is out and there are major mehndi vibes to the whole video.

The song is the same one featured in the teaser and trailer but now we get to see the scene on which it is actually set; a shaadi track.

We see the main cast members - Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rahman, Zara Noor Abbas among others - dance along and we're guessing the choreography will be seen in future weddings to come.

According to Azfar Rehman, Chhalawa is, "a romantic comedy with great songs, great dances, some great comic moments along with some drama and even some fights, so it's a complete package. We've tried our best with it and hope people will enjoy it."