The Lion King reboot got its proper trailer and we're not sure how we feel.

On one hand, we can tell this will be a visual masterpiece but on the other, what was the reason for this reboot?

The story for the Lion King reboot stays the same, with compositions for scenes kept almost the same as the 1994 iconic hit which not only still holds up but is absolutely stunning on its own... Yes, we're big fans of the original.

With every reboot, we hope to see a new treatment to the story, perhaps a character played a different way, but with The Lion King, it is the same saga brought the same way, just with photorealistic animation. And while the visuals are breathtaking for sure, couldn't they have been used for a whole other project?

Bringing James Earl Jones as Mufasa can only keep us hooked so far. Heck, we think we're mainly invested in the movie because baby Simba is the cutest creature ever. Because, did you see Scar? No glam!

Only time will tell how this movie holds up. It releases July 19.