“I don’t know what six months non-cooperation directive exactly means but I’m grateful," shared Vinta
“I don’t know what six months non-cooperation directive exactly means but I’m grateful," shared Vinta

Writer/director Vinta Nanda, who accused actor Alok Nath of rape is disappointed by the six month "non-cooperation directive" issued to Nath by The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE).

The Indian Film And Television Directors' Association (IFTDA) - the mother body of FWICE - made the announcement after he refused to show up for a Prevention of Sexual Harassment inquiry.

Talking about the step, Nanda shares, " “I don’t know what six month Non-Cooperation Directive exactly means but I’m grateful to Ashoke Pandit (president of IFTDA) and his team, which heard my case, for having taken a step forward. I have faith in my entertainment industry.”

“I’m a nobody like most other people also are and to make a position for yourself in the creative space for a nobody is very very hard, especially if you’re a woman. I don’t think anybody other than whose been through it knows how much and what you have to negotiate to be noticed here. The courage and confidence required is immeasurable. So if your courage as well as confidence is attacked you’re left with nothing to live with but fear as your companion.”

However Vinta doesn’t want to undermine the efforts of film producers’ organizations to restrain alleged sex offenders. “I know it isn’t easy for Ashoke and his team to deal with my case. I know how tough it must have been for them to even arrive at this decision. Therefore I must thank him and respect all involved with this decision.”

Elaborating on his decision, Ashoke said in a statement, "We have seriously taken the sexual harassment of our member director Vinta Nanda and shared it with the POSH committee, which investigated the complaint in the spirit of POSH Act and in compliance of principles of natural justice, equity and fair play."

"Alok has blatantly challenged the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) and defied the summons to attend before the ICC. Therefore, he has refused to co-operate with the mandate of IFTDA to provide secure work place for women. On recommendations of IFTDA's POSH Committee to mother body, FWICE has issued six months non-cooperation directive to the actor," he added.

"Our endeavour is to have zero tolerance to incidents of sexual harassment and value every single person and promote work environment in which persons of both sexes work and complement each other as equal and encourage gender-neutral policy."