DC's upcoming cinematic venture Shazam! has a second teaser now and it looks like DC has something to prove.

After the Comicon reveal, which explained the concept of DC's Captain Marvel (aka Shazam to avoid the confusion with the Marvel character of the same name) to the folks not familiar with the character, we now have another teaser that shows the fun side of Shazam.

With the tagline "He's not so serious," DC takes a jab at itself, making light of the now famous quote by Heath Ledger's Joker, "Why so serious?"

Could this be in an attempt to remove the notion that DCEU movies are always much darker than rival Marvel? After the muck up of Justice League where Josh Whedon's lighthearted take fared worse for Zack Snyder's vision, it looks like Warner Bros is a bit more desperate to get it right.

That may have been the reason behind Zachary Levi's casting which many comic book fans won't be supportive of. The actually comedy of Shazam in the books comes from the hero looking like Superman but acting like a child.

But for the layman, this seems like a fun movie to watch and Mark Strong looks like an interesting choice for Dr Sivana, the villain of the movie. We get quite a few glimpses of him in the teaser and we want more!

We still don't know if the film will feature a cameo for Black Adam but we sure do hope so.

Shazam is set to release April 5.