PTI's Jahangir Tareen is out to get independent candidates

Updated 31 Jul, 2018 12:57pm

Images Staff

What resulted was a flood of memes on Twitter

Jahangir Tareen has been on a mission: to court this election's winning independent candidates to join PTI.

The PTI leader was meeting independent winners from Punjab and inviting them to join the party, hoping to ensure PTI's lead in the province. But what does Twitter think of his efforts?

Well, it's having a field day. And thanks to it we have a timeline of his... method.

He's on the prowl

And willing to go to any lengths

He's everywhere

A little on the point of desperation now

It's getting intense

But he isn't giving up

This is the stuff of movies

The candidates know he's coming

But he still finds 'em

And he knows what to do

Which is...

But there's always one FOMO