Hamza Ali Abbasi's next TV drama is a 'beautiful story' called Alif

Hamza Ali Abbasi's next TV drama is a 'beautiful story' called Alif

Alif director Haseeb Hasan dishes on what to expect from the serial
29 May, 2018

Ramazan transmissions won't be the only thing occupying Hamza Ali Abbasi's time these days.

The actor is set to star in drama serial Alif, which is directed by Haseeb Hasan of MannMayal and Parwaaz Hai Junoon fame and produced by Sana Shahnawaz and Samina Humayun of Next Level Productions.

What can we expect from Hamza's next?

For starters, it will feature an ensemble cast of some of Pakistan's top stars. We'll see Sajal Aly join Hamza as Alif's female lead, and the drama also stars Noman Ejaz and Kubra Khan in key roles. Speaking with Images, director Haseeb revealed that Osman Khalid Butt is tipped to make a guest appearance and Manzar Sehbai, star of films like Shoaib Mansoor's Bol and Anjum Shehzad's Mahe-e-Mir, will make his first TV appearance in this drama serial.

Speaking for Umera Ahmed, the writer of this serial, Haseeb says that she came out of a hiatus to write this serial, which she has dedicated to Allah. "Alif is the revered first letter of Allah's name, and the serial will be related to that. It's a beautiful story and we'll gradually reveal more details."

The serial is still in the initial stages of production and the channel on which it will air is not yet decided.


M. nauman habib May 29, 2018 03:31pm
hamza ali abbasi is a good actor .i like him very much and he is a good thinking man who fight for his country like a hero
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M. nauman habib May 29, 2018 03:36pm
the world is a stage and man is a actor in this world .every one come and play its role according to its responsibility and then leave the in his life pass through different stages and play its roll . hamza aliabbasi is a good artist and actor.i like its characters and see its stories.
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Rabia Khan May 30, 2018 12:39am
Kubra Khan's choice of scripts is wonderful and so are her performances. Really looking forward to this project..Love this girl! #alltimefavourite
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Rabia Khan May 30, 2018 04:54am
The biggest excitement for this drama is Kubra Khan..I believe we are so lucky to have her in the industry..She is truly incredible!
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Tariq Mehmood May 31, 2018 12:19pm
What a versatile actor Hamza Bhai is. He really does justice with the role that he plays.
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