Javed Sheikh's teaser for Wajood is out now

Published Apr 26, 2018 02:15pm

The teaser for Javed Sheikh's directorial comeback film Wajood doesn't tell us what exactly the film is about, but we get a sense of what to expect.

The film will appeal to fans of Danish Taimoor, who plays a pilot and is the film's hero. Javed Sheikh keeps his role vague but we have a hunch that he may be the film's baddie. We see glimpses of Indian actor Aditi Singh and Saeeda Imtiaz and the hope is that their characters are fleshed out to be more than just the love interests.

While the teaser isn't expected to give away the plot, it could introduce us to the main characters in a memorable way. Instead, the Wajood teaser speeds through some unconnected scenes of the film. But it does make the point quite clearly that it's been shot in Turkey.

Wajood will release on Eid ul Fitr.