I don’t want to be disrespected for the sake of a show’s rating, says Sajal Aly of the Lux Style Awards

I don’t want to be disrespected for the sake of a show’s rating, says Sajal Aly of the Lux Style Awards

It turns out that Sajal Aly wasn't happy with the Best Dressed segment of LSA 2018...
16 Apr, 2018

Doubts about credibility and unfair nominations are an annual staple of the Lux Style Awards, but this year Sajal Aly is speaking out against ill-treatment of stars by the organisers and hosts of Pakistan's biggest awards show.

With Best Actress nominations for both O Rangreza and Yakeen Ka Safar, Aly was among the few actors to have been recognised twice in the same category in a year. Although Saba Qamar bagged the accolade for Baaghi, Sajal was a good sport and lent her support to Saba for her iconic performance as Qandeel Baloch.

What did upset Sajal at the LSAs, however, was the "ridicule" she feels she faced during the ceremony.

“I feel like we have gradually gone from treating awards as an evening of celebration of good work and art to ridiculing actors and our industry. I was quite disappointed [by LSA 2018]," she shared with Images.

Sajal with her Yakeen Ka Safar costar Ahad Raza Mir at LSA 2018
Sajal with her Yakeen Ka Safar costar Ahad Raza Mir at LSA 2018

Sajal took exception to the Best Dressed segment hosted by actor Ahmed Ali Butt, which lined up some male and female stars and left the decision of who's worthy of the title to audience applause. Sajal was pitted against Nabila (who eventually took the trophy), Ainy Jaffri and the Hocane sisters. While the crowd itself was observed to be rather awkward during the segment, Sajal found it plain distasteful.

“It might sound harsh, but unfortunately that’s the reality. Actors were treated as subjects of humiliation and were used for cheap laughs. I may also sound like I’m ranting, but does no one go over the script and point out whether something is a bit much?” Sajal asked. “Not a lot of actors attend the awards in the first place and slowly that number will grow. I know I don’t want to be disrespected for the sake of a show’s rating.”

"Start treating awards like awards. Give respect where it is due and make people feel good that they attended the event." — Sajal Aly

Host Ahmed Ali Butt has already defended the segment, saying that "It was all in good fun and it won’t be aired on TV because it was basically done in order to kill time while the stage was being set up for Sahir Ali Bagga and Ali Azmat’s live performance."

However, Sajal feels that the segment contradicted the show's core theme. “It’s funny how the social message behind the awards this year was gender equality, highlighting women’s rights and abuse against women. That’s all I have to say,” she said.

While she felt her experience this time around was ruined, what does she expect next awards season? “I’m not sure what to expect anymore, or rather, I know exactly what to expect... Start treating awards like awards,” she entreated. “Give respect where it is due and make people feel good that they attended the event. We direly need structure and discipline.”

To her, it’s her work that speaks volumes and that's what she wants to be taken seriously for. Set to star in the much-anticipated period play Aangan alongside an all-star cast comprising Ahad Raza Mir, Ahsan Khan, Mawra Hocane and Sonya Hussyn, Sajal’s determination to hone her craft is what stands tall amidst on-and-off grim circumstances.


Syed irfan ali Apr 16, 2018 09:56am
Does make a lot of sense what Sajal says!!!
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IAB Apr 16, 2018 10:16am
She is totally right ......
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Imran Apr 16, 2018 10:21am
fully agree with the lady...
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A Pakistani Apr 16, 2018 10:45am
Dramas ... and drama queens.
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Najum Apr 16, 2018 11:04am
She's too short.
Recommend (0) Apr 16, 2018 12:29pm
very well said she is very nice as an actress and in real life too some celebrities don't even care about their self respect to just be on screen
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Raheel Apr 16, 2018 01:22pm
I'm glad someone spoke about this .
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Zehra B. Apr 16, 2018 05:16pm
The humour used in our award shows is downright degrading and cheap. The only thing it focuses on is how to make fun of celebs... this is what happens when you copy someone blindly. Also what a stupid remark by Ahmed Ali Butt... so basically in order to kill time you decide to mock actors and the way they are dressed.. all in fun. What crap! The man has one job and he fails miserably at it.
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Theresa Apr 16, 2018 11:08pm
Actors are THE most replaceable people on the set
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smssr84 Apr 17, 2018 04:06am
That is such a lame defense by Ahmad Ali Butt that it wont be aired. Its all over the internet anyways, actors felt bad and insulted. their experience of attending the event was ruined. Award shows really need to go over their program structure and scripts.
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Glen D'Abreo Apr 17, 2018 05:09am
Why are we surprised this industry is like the rest it rises to nepotism and family connections command who gets chosen. I f you do not belong to this tight knit collection then your chances of being successful is nil.
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N abidi Apr 17, 2018 07:15am
She needs to get a sense of humor, even serious artists like Merle Streep, let their hair down,and have fun,with silly jokes at the Oscars ! The award shows every where are long, people watch it for silly comedy bits,and funny speeches, and bad fashion! Reality checked!
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