47% of our readers believe Yakeen Ka Safar deserves to be on Netflix

In our 'alternate' LSA survey, we dug into what our readers really thought about the hits and flops of 2017
Updated 20 Feb, 2018 02:53pm

Awards like Best Actor, Best Director and Best Writer are covetable awards, but do they really sum up the year in entertainment?

On the morning of the annual Lux Style Awards where we'll see 2017's best films and TV dramas get some well-deserved appreciation, we bring you the results of our 'alternate' LSA survey -- which dug into what our readers really thought about the hits and flops of the past year!

Which dance sequence did you find the weirdest? Who was the most annoying TV character? Over 800 readers weighed in. Find out what they thought here...

Film You Won't Mind Watching Again

Reader's choice: Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Our choice: Punjab Nahi Jaungi

While we thoroughly enjoyed Chupan Chupai, we were disappointed to learn that its script is plagiarised, so Punjab Nahi Jaungi is our choice of must-rewatch for its actually funny script, progressive ethos and really memorable characters. We want to see Humayun plead 'Help me, Durdana' again!

The Most Regressive Film

Reader's choice: Chain Aye Na

Our choice: Chain Aye Na

We don't want to keep hating on Chain Aye Na, but the film's anachronistic take on romance and relationships still makes us want to puke. It may have worked in the '90s (it really shouldn't have though) but not anymore.

Most WTF Dance Sequence in a Film

Reader's choice: Sahir Lodhi and Abeer Rizvi in Raasta

Our choice: Adil Murad and Dolly in Chain Aye Na

Enough said.

Most Quotable Dialogue in a Film

Reader's choice: 'Help me Durdana' in Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Our choice: 'Can I kiss?' in Chain Aye Na

Call us ridiculous, but we derive an odd kind of pleasure in recalling the most WTF-est of dialogues from the Chain Aye Na trailer.

Most Offensive Slap in a Film

Reader's choice: Rayan slapping (thrice!) the object of his obsession Ruba in Chain Aye Na

Our choice: Aami slapping his rape survivor wife Sara in Verna

Given that Sara (Mahira Khan) had already gone through an immense ordeal in Verna, seeing Aami (Haroon Shahid) unleash more aggression on her was a tough ask for the audience. There were other ways for Aami to communicate his anguish and we're uncomfortable with the idea that the slap was just added in for shock value or dramatic effect.

Best Use of Pakistan in a Film

Reader's choice: Chalay Thay Saath

Our choice: Chalay Thay Saath

Have you seen the trailer?

Side Character Who Deserves Their Own Spin-off Film

Reader's choice: Durdana (Urwa Hocane) in Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Our choice: Sharmeen (Sadaf Kanwal) in 'Balu Mahi'

While Durdana definitely made an impression on every PNJ viewer, we're rooting for Sadaf Kanwal making a comeback on the big screen as the sultry Sharmeen who didn't shy away from telling a man that she wants him.

Most Annoying TV Character

Reader's choice: Suhana of Teri Raza

Our choice: Suhana of Teri Raza

Suhana, played by Sanam Baloch, is this year’s bholiest larki. A wealthy, educated girl who marries a man she has zero interest in and starts an affair with her college boyfriend. After a lot of circular arguments, a divorce and sad game of musical beds, she eventually realises how much she loves her first husband Imtiaz’s money and his talent for agreeing with her. (Dear Sanam Baloch, you are one of the most talented actors of our industry, don’t waste yourself like this again.)

Most Dateable TV Character

Reader's choice: Dr Asfandyar (Ahad Raza Mir) in Yakeen ka Safar

Our choice: Dr Asfandyar (Ahad Raza Mir) in Yakeen ka Safar

We have a feeling that if we don’t say Dr Asfandyar aka Ahad Raza Mir, there will be a public outcry. So let's run with the noble doctor, with the gruff attitude and film star looks.

Best TV Couple

Reader's choice: Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly in Yakeen Ka Safar

Our choice: Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly in Yakeen Ka Safar

Now, this is the hardest category of all because there were so many cute couples this year. The biggest buzz this year was for Dr Zubia and Dr Asfandyar, as in Sajal Aly and Ahad Mir, so we give them that nomination.

Most Catchiest TV OST

Reader's choice: O Rangreza

Our choice: Teri Raza

Ali Sethi's soulful voice gives Teri Raza's OST its edge.

Most Hyped Drama That Didn't Deliver

Reader's choice: Teri Raza

Our choice: Khaani

We so want to say Teri Raza but Khaani deserves this crown so much more. This super hyped drama is the new Mann Mayal with its weak script, two-dimensional characters and regressive ideas. So what makes it popular? The answer is the charismatic leads Sana Javed and Feroze Khan who are making this unbearable story watchable.

Best TV Villains

Reader's choice: Tora Khan (Sange Mar Mar)

Our choice: Tora Khan (Sange Mar Mar)

Our pick has to be the magnetic Tora Khan. Full credit to Mustafa Afridi’s amazing writing for creating this Shakespearian character for whom the audience felt an almost equal mixture of pity, hate, empathy and disgust. Paras Masroor’s magnificent handling of this complex, many layered character sealed the deal.

Most Netflix-worthy TV Drama

Reader's choice: Yakeen Ka Safar

Our choice: Sange Mar Mar

If any drama deserves to be on Netflix, it is Sange Mar Mar. Raw, authentic and gripping, this drama will not let you go once you start.

TV Drama with the Best Social Message

Reader's choice: Yakeen Ka Safar

Our choice: Yakeen Ka Safar

For us, it's also Yakeen Ka Safar. This drama presented every angle of honour culture wrapped in a sweet romance. This story touched on rape, sexual assault, victims' rights, honour killings and even the consequences of a false accusation without missing a beat.