"A sheer delight onscreen": Bolly critics review Saba Qamar's debut in Hindi Medium

Updated 18 May, 2017 06:35pm

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Did she pass the test?

Saba Qamar's Bollywood debut film Hindi Medium premiered in India yesterday and what do critics have to say about her performance?

We find out.

1) Some say Saba is just as good as Irrfan Khan!

"As an understanding and deeply in love husband, Khan is a treat to watch in Hindi Medium. Qamar is equally effective and funny as a wife who keeps saying ‘stand ho jao’ and ‘lonely and depressed’." — Hindustan Times

"Irrfan Khan is effortless in his act of the adorable father who is [perennially] confused and amused by how things in Delhi’s English speaking, brand consious elite society works. Pakistani actress Saba Qamar nails the act of the ambitious mother who wants her daughter to live a life that she couldn’t. They together are funny and will keep you entertained throughout the movie. — India.com

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##2) A few believe that Saba was actually let down by the script.

"Saba Qamar’s hyper mom who is happy to be a `chalta-phirta’ brand factory in order to get her well-shod foot in the door, gets some moments, but is made to repeat a few lines over and over again, and gets tiresome." — Indian Express.

"Saba's character, on the other hand, comes across as one-dimensional. She is an insecure mother who lets herself fall prey to the fear of failure instilled in her by society and the educational institutes. However, if her back story, which has not been explored much in the film, is taken into account, you do feel the place where all her nagging comes from." — First Post

3) Others feel Saba's performance was a debut done right.

"Saba Qamar surprises you with a very effective performance, acting as a perfect foil to Irrfan’s act. I was disappointed with what Raees did with Mahira’s role, but Saba gets a very meaty part with a nice arc and she does complete justice to it". — Bollywood Life

"Saba Qamar shines bright in her Bollywood debut. She is hot, beautiful and most importantly, a great actor." — Deccan Chronicle

4) We can say some are simply blown away by her acting prowess.

Times of India calls Saba Qamar "sheer delight onscreen".

"And whoever found Saba Qamar, take a bow! It’s rather unfortunate that due to political myopia, we won’t get to see enough of her in our movies. Saba is a find; she layers her dramatic character with all shades of over the top and is phenomenal at it." — PinkVilla