Police complaint against Mumbai film fest for plans to screen Pakistani film

Updated 17 Oct, 2016 01:19pm

Images Staff

MAMI planned to screen Jago Hua Savera, Pakistan's first Oscar submission, later in the month

Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival drew ire for plans to screen Jago Hua Savera, Pakistan's first Oscar Submission.

A complaint has been registered at Amboli police station against the festival organisers, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Jago Hua Savera (1959) was a story of East Pakistani fishermen and their struggles with loan sharks, set and shot in modern-day Bangladesh. Directed by Lahore-based director A J Kardar, the film boasted a screenplay by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Although more than 180 films from 54 countries are being screened at the festival, a Prithvi Maske has taken issue with the representation of Pakistan.

"We have filed a complaint at Amboli police station against MAMI film festival which has plans to showcase a Pakistani film at the festival. Our intentions are very clear. We will protest against the festival if they showcase this film. We will be protesting outside Infinity Mall where the event is taking place," he said.

Maske is the president of Sangharsh Foundation, an NGO in Mumbai.

The complaint comes following weeks of anti-Pakistan lobbying in India, where Pakistani artists have been banned and films featuring Pakistani actors are facing hurdles on their way to the box office. Pakistan has reciprocated with an informal ban on Bollywood films.

Latest reports state that the film has been dropped from being screened at the festival.

“Given the current situation, the Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival with Star has decided not to programme Jago Hua Savera as part of the Restored Classics Section,” said a press release.