14 Aug, 2016

Pakistan turns 69 today, and we start this new year with hope for better times to come.

Here's what our celebs were feeling:

Shafqat Amanat Ali was excited for his big performance:

Ali Gul Pir, on the hand, was on a high from performing last night:

Hamza Ali Abbasi made public his promise to Pakistan:

Faysal Qureshi was really pumped up:

Mawra Hocane was also full of positivity:

Adnan Siddiqui suited up for the occasion:

Annie Khalid was hopeful and said a prayer:

Meesha Shafi urged for harmony and tolerance:

Rabia Butt wrote a letter to the motherland:

Shoaib Malik was also optimistic:

Resham had a special message:

Ahmed Ali Butt made his greetings a family affair:

#pakistan #14thaugust #pakistanzindabad @fatima_khanpk @walnutpk

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Some just had greetings to share:

Happy independence day... my love... my Pakistan... #PakistanZindabad

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We wish our readers a joyous Independence Day!


mehkan Aug 14, 2016 11:08am
Happy independence day! May we surpass our problems and strive to rise and defeat all our issues. Inshallah!
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Shahzad Aug 14, 2016 11:53am
I'll Say what Meesha Shafi Said.
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SouthIndian Aug 14, 2016 11:57am
I would like to know if you think you got independence from India or British on 14 th Aug. One answer please. Dont reply both. Also don't give me the logical answer like India wasn't even independent on 14th.
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Hannan Akhtar Aug 14, 2016 01:47pm
@SouthIndian We got Independence from India and it's Hindu biased government, where there were no rights for Muslim minority and its religious freedom. Pakistan Zindabad!!!!!
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Ramesh Manghirmalani Aug 14, 2016 02:51pm
Best Wishes from California, and greetings of the seasons and prayers for your prosperity, regards
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Ramesh Manghirmalani Aug 14, 2016 02:52pm
@SouthIndian British
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Mohammed Ramzan Aug 14, 2016 03:11pm
@SouthIndian Do you really think that Pakistan and India are independent? or the British left their system and the coconut elite behind to rule the common people?
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abdullah Aug 14, 2016 05:28pm
We can check how patriotic all of them are by asking how much tax they have paid for last year.
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Rou Aug 14, 2016 06:26pm
@SouthIndian logical answer and in fairness is ' from both' whether you like it or not.
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Asif Manzoor Khooharo Aug 15, 2016 11:43am
Beloved Wishes on the 69th Birthday of our Beloved Pakistan :) I wish the best to each n everyone around the country and abroad.
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Hassan Aug 15, 2016 01:58pm
@abdullah I paid Each nd every Item was when i buy
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Hassan Aug 15, 2016 01:59pm
@Shahzad I'll say what Amjad Abida nd Fakhir Nd anwar Maqsood say
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Madana Aug 16, 2016 01:33pm
This year on 14th August the sweetest gift was from London, Oval, it was a real cool day and the feeling? it's difficult to express in words
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fas Aug 18, 2016 12:25am
@ SOUTHINDIAN, does not matter we got independence from india or britain. We only know we are independent country now. Let us celebrate the Independence day in peace man!
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Khan Aug 19, 2016 07:35am
Pakistan should do it's best to alleviate poverty and advance the middle class- the pillar of modern countries. They should pledge to eradicate corruption which is eroding Pakistan worse than termites (Deemuk).
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Pakistani icons Aug 19, 2016 07:53am
Happy Independence day to all Pakistanis Living abroad and in Pakistan, specially people from Karachi who have made a mark in every continent and reminded the world about Pakistan through their intelligence, education, entrepreneurship and ever lasting dedications towards advancements of this world ; they are the real ambassadors of Pakistan. I call them Pakistani icons.
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Zia Aug 19, 2016 07:55am
This is Independence day for all Pakistanis, we have to make sure all the minorities living in Pakistan as citizen should feel the same.
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