Celebs and us regular folk - we're no different.

It turns out everyone enjoys the same things on Eid: Ammi's kheer, family hang-outs and giving and getting Eidi!

Read on to discover our celebs' favourite Eid memories.

Ahmed Ali Butt

"Eid was always a special family affair for us. I remember our father taking us for morning prayers and then to the cemetery to visit our grandparents' graves. Later, we all went for breakfast and met with all the extended family members. Lunch was always grand and my parents were great hosts, as all our friends and family would show up at our house. I remember my father always put family first before anything else and we still live by that tradition."

Zhalay Sarhadi

"My mother was a pro at designing and stitching clothes. So till the age of 10, I would have two outfits - one a traditional shalwar kameez, the other a frock with a bow. The bows were a must because I loved them! And of course, mehendi was just as important."


"I truly believe Eid's an occasion for kids. I love giving gifts and Eidi to street kids. I do that on the second day every year. But my favourite Eid was more recent, when it was my son's first Eid. I had a lot of fun with him. He's my life! "

Maria Wasti

"I remember being too excited to sleep the night before Eid. We would wait for it to be morning so we could get dressed and receive Eidi from our grandfather. We used to fight with him over who got more and why."

Ahsan Khan

"The best part about Eid is that you get to reunite with people you haven't seen in a long time. You see family, and take a mini-vacation, which is always nice. I'll be in Lahore this time, so it'll be a lot of fun spending time with the friends and family I have here."

Gohar Rasheed

"My favourite memory from Eid is from my childhood in Lahore when I would wake up early morning morning and join the other men of the family for namaz. We would then go to my Nano's house, where we'd do a little bit of breakfast. We would then go to sleep for a few hours, and then head back to Nano's house for lunch. Us kids would play cricket, our elders would play cards. It was a fun gathering; noone would want to go back home. It was understood that the whole day would be spent at Nano's.

Feroze Khan

"My sisters have always ripped me off for their Eidee and I have loved spoiling them. I plan on doing that every Eid of my life. I also love coming home to Ammi's kheer after Eid prayers.

Hareem Farooq

"When we were young, the whole family used to get together. I used to look forward to Eid just for that. Those have to be my most memorable Eid moments."