Updated 26 May, 2016

It's the 21st century, and we're still stashing sanitary napkins like they're liquor.

Brown-bagging sanitary products is just the tip of the iceberg. Girls and women face many, different obstacles in safe and hygiene menstrual management in Pakistan. According to a UNICEF report, the biggest challenge facing girls in poor communities is access to washing facilities, and only 20% of girls have access to sanitary products. The root cause of these problems is the taboo surrounding menstruation itself.

Berlin-based NGO Wash United launched the #MenstruationMatters campaign two years ago, to engage everyone in the effort to break the stigma around talking about menstruation, reports The Guardian. Menstrual Hygiene Day has been celebrated on May 28 since 2014.

The conversation started two days early in Pakistan.

Some understood the need to raise awareness about menstrual health:

However, others didn't get what the big deal is:

Some said it should remain a hush-hush matter:

There was also this little gem:

But thankfully, there were counter-opinions:

And some useful suggestions too: