Liam Neeson's Taken gets a TV prequel, and it stars Ali Kazmi

Liam Neeson's Taken gets a TV prequel, and it stars Ali Kazmi

Ali promises that he plays one of the good guys in the series
06 Apr, 2016

If you haven't got enough of the Taken trilogy, you'll soon be able to watch its prequel on television. The Taken TV series will release in September 2016, and it stars our very own Ali Kazmi.

The brutal Sikander from Jackson Heights says he plays one of the good guys in the upcoming TV series.

"I play Marzoki, a fast talking, sharp, quirky analyst," shared Ali with Images, while on the sets of Taken.

He added that the Taken series will explore how and why the main character Bryan Mills became who he was.

"I am proud to be a part of the main cast," continued Ali. "I play one of the good guys, no ridiculous casting or dressing. I'm really ecstatic to be representing South Asians in a good light and I'm happy that NBC is taking bigger and better steps for more diverse smart casting! The world is full of so many colours, why not the casting for TV, so it's a step in the right direction."

Ali has also starred in the lead role of a Canadian short film titled Coffee at Laundromat", which has been selected for the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. The film examines the troubles of identity and human rights of immigrants in other countries, even a country as wonderful as Canada.

The director/writer Maahi Kaur explores these serious issues as "colourful people [interact] at the local laundromat and what chaos and fun ensues when my character Raj is thrust into the mix," explains Ali.

Ali has been nominated for the Best Actor award at the World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) 2016 in Washington DC for his performance in the film, which was also shown at IFFSA, the biggest South Asian film fest in Canada.