11 Feb, 2016

Fawad Khan fans let out a happy sigh when they saw the trailer for his Bollywood next, Kapoor & Sons yesterday.

The trailer was both adorable and dramatic, charting the highs and lows of modern family life.

Here are some highlights of the trailer launch held in Mumbai yesterday:

1- The trio went matchy-matchy at the trailer launch

After endearing us in the trailer, Fawad, Alia and Siddharth continued to be cute as they attended the trailer launch in colour-coordinated outfits.

Fawad and Siddharth proved that they're still brothers at heart, and wore matching sneakers! Don't tell us they went shopping together!

2- Fawad had no words to express how he felt at the trailer launch

So he resorted to the following gesture:

Here's hoping it was nothing offensive!

3- Alia Bhatt confessed how much she wanted to work with Fawad

Fawad blushed a light pink as his young co-star Alia Bhatt admitted that she was eager to work with him:

According to Filmfare, Bhatt said, "Everyone's seen his work on TV out there. I was really looking forward to working with him as an actor and we got along really well. We generally had a lot of fun while we were shooting."

4- Fawad said Ratna Pathak Shah will be his mother forever

Kapoor & Sons will be the second time that veteran actress plays Fawad's on-screen mother after Khoobsurat, leading Fawad to dub her his "permanent filmi maa".

The Kapoor family minus Rishi Kapoor at the trailer launch - Photo courtesy Indian Express
The Kapoor family minus Rishi Kapoor at the trailer launch - Photo courtesy Indian Express

“I think she is my permanent filmi maa. I think working with a veteran actress like her was great. I am completely new,” Fawad said at the trailer launch, reports Indian Express.

“It is a delight to work with actors from whom you can learn something. She (Ratna Pathak Shah) is very giving and collaborative. She is a party animal," he added.

5- Rishi Kapoor made a disappearing act

If there was a more aww-inducing presence on screen, it was the Kapoor dadu played by Rishi Kapoor.

He was one of the first to reach the scene yesterday, but hurried out as soon as the trailer was screened.

Rishi Kapoor looked pretty upset leaving the venue - Photo courtesy Deccaan Chronicle
Rishi Kapoor looked pretty upset leaving the venue - Photo courtesy Deccaan Chronicle

According to Indian Express, "As soon as the screening of the trailer finished, Rishi who was seen typing on his phone furiously walked up to Karan Johar and whispered something into his ears. On hearing the same, Karan’s face turned a tad grave and the filmmaker nodded in response to Rishi’s whispering statements. Almost immediately enough, Rishi took off like wind before one could even blink their eyes."

We wonder what pressing concern dragged the senior Kapoor away...


Nomi Feb 11, 2016 02:12pm
rizwan Feb 11, 2016 03:42pm
We all love you Fawad Khan, wish you best of luck :)
Sreenivasa Rajiv, Indian Feb 11, 2016 04:08pm
Don't get so excited. He's just doing side role.
salman Feb 11, 2016 05:08pm
@Sreenivasa Rajiv, Indian soon he will play the lead role .. dont worry .. its coming .. haha
Jawad tihar Feb 11, 2016 06:00pm
I love Ratna Pathak Shah ji she is simply the best gorgeous mom in bollywood right now!! I can not praise her enough she's beyond gorgeous. I love her. Please visit Pakistan my city rawalpindi
madhusudan Feb 11, 2016 06:59pm
Fawad will be heading to Hollywood now becoming highest paid actor their.
Amar Feb 11, 2016 08:05pm
Fawad's is superb. He easily outshines Siddhart in trailer.
Momina khan Feb 11, 2016 10:45pm
Fawad is having fabolous time in B town wish him luck!!!
Trollslayer Feb 12, 2016 02:55am
Monkstrap sneakers with a suit..hmmm. Desi fashion is wacked.
Jay Feb 12, 2016 09:55am
Siddharth is a hunk of a man. No wonder he has such a large female following.
anil Feb 12, 2016 10:31am
@Amar why comparision?
Ragnarok Feb 12, 2016 12:15pm
Fawad Khan was decent in his side role. Highly doubt Pakistani actors will be making it to the upper echelon. However much support he might get, truly speaking he's just typecasted into the movie to pander over pakistani market base.
Jawaid Islam Feb 12, 2016 04:29pm
Fawad seems grown as an actor in this role; different from his characters before and he certainly gives a stunning performance. Siddarth while good looking and taller, is outdone here.
Akram Feb 15, 2016 11:19am
Welcome Fawad Khan talent with smartness overloaded that should be appreciated all over, any nationality or any religion doesn't matter.