Top tweets: The lowdown on Modi's trip to Pakistan, as narrated by social media

Top tweets: The lowdown on Modi's trip to Pakistan, as narrated by social media

"India and Pakistan are the Ross and Rachel of international diplomacy," deduced one wise spectator
26 Dec, 2015

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love surprises and those who don't.

We're not sure which category we Pakistanis fall into, but one thing is for sure: we did get an unforgettable jolt this Friday, in the form of Indian PM Modi visiting Lahore. In an unprecedented move, the Indian Prime Minister paid a seemingly spontaneous visit to Lahore on his way back home from Kabul, dropping in to chat with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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Sharif personally received Modi at the airport and they were seen walking through the crowd holding hands before attending a wedding in Nawaz Sharif's family.

Of course, social media was thrown into a tizzy. Here's a selection of top tweets about Modi's visit to Lahore:

It all started with a tweet or two.

And escalated quickly.

As Modi landed in Lahore, there were unexpected winners:

Though judging by their smiles, no one won bigger than Nawaz-Modi, of course:

There was abundant positive feedback.

From both sides of the border.

Word limits are for the weak — some people struggled to contain their excitement:

Selfie or it didn't happen!

However, not everyone was glass half full. There was some speculation about Modi's... true intentions!

And some... profound reflections:

Modi gets respect for bending the rules of the game:

He definitely shook things up:

We have to admit, Modi's quite the globetrotter! #wanderlust


Angry Pitbull Dec 26, 2015 02:30pm
Truly hilarious
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Rehan Dec 26, 2015 02:32pm
The Indian media reports that Modi had called Nawaz Sharif to wish him on his birthday. Sharif told Modi that he may stop at Lahore on his way back to India as Pakistan would form bulk of his journey from Kabul to New Delhi. Modi spontaneously agreed. He did not know that it was Sharif's granddaughter's wedding. He was invited and he went there and blessed them. Indian media reports that Modi also greeted Nawaz Sharif's mother by touching her feet, which is the Hindu way of greeting elders and taking their blessing. They call in pairi-pauna. Modi seems to be someone who can take quick decisions. Hopefully all bilateral issues can be resolved this quickly as well. Vajpayee and Sharif were on their way to resolving the Kashmir issue by reforming the LOC and renegotiating the Radcliffe Line, till Musharraf stuck his fangs. Hopefully Modi and Sharif succeed.
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Ali Anwer Dec 26, 2015 02:35pm
Master stroke of Diplomacy by Modi.
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shahid Dec 26, 2015 02:53pm
Theres no doubt who has more swagger..Modi is clearly a very popular man.. and well done to him for visiting his neighbour. Lovely to see pictures, peace.
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Sridhar Korupolu Dec 26, 2015 03:13pm
my favorite tweet "Reports suggest a two-fold increase in the sales of Burnol cream in stores near various TV channels". copied from tweeter
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Last Word Dec 26, 2015 03:19pm
Modi suddenly remembered an old Bollywood movie of two lost brothers meeting after decades of separation which he decided to make into a reality in Lahore. So far so good, but let us see whether this story develops further in a happy ending or someone changes the script midway to make it tragic.
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Sandhu Dec 26, 2015 03:37pm
Why Modi did not have selfie with Nawaz Sharif? I think his cellphone battery was low.
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Raj Kadyan Dec 26, 2015 03:38pm
To move the vexed Indo-Pak relations forward, a new approach is needed. Stereotype is passe. Modi does it.
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Atif Khan Dec 26, 2015 03:52pm
@Sandhu when you are tweeting non-stop. It can happen.
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7th SENSE Dec 26, 2015 04:12pm
History remembers only major milestones. Hope, Modi and Nawaz create history with their statesmanship by resolving issues. We already lost 70 years of opportunities.
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Delta Dec 26, 2015 04:17pm
The new generation and over 1.2 billion will benefit from peace and trade. Close the old 21st century chapter, keep away religious bigotories and learn from history, German-French treaty or US-CAN relation for progress!
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Sultan Alvi, Toronto, Canada Dec 26, 2015 04:24pm
What an incredible, pleasant surprise! Dil Maange More!!!
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Vijay B. Dec 26, 2015 04:24pm
Wah bhai wah! Kamaal ho gaya. Photo dekhne se ainsa lagtaa hai jainse kabke bichde huae do bhai phir mil gaye. Narendrabhai and Nawaz Sharif you look so good together with hapiness written all over your faces.
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auginpk Dec 26, 2015 05:08pm
I would say that both the PMs are great statesmen. Since, PM modi has been inaugurated in May' 14, both the PMs have refrained from talking adversely despite provocations from both the sides. However, peace is still elusive. The mischief makers must be planning their move.
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Goutham Dec 26, 2015 05:32pm
But seriously,whatever you may think of Modi he sure wins major points in my book in being innovative and not going by rules and convention.
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altaf Dec 26, 2015 05:59pm
Modi 's recent surprised visit arranged by USA.
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Sam Dec 26, 2015 06:19pm
I guess we all should appreciate what Mr. Modi did after all the negative feedback he got once he got elected as the PM. Kudos to Mr. Modi for this feat as well as to Mr. Sharif for being a total host. This impromptu drop-in is like giving it back what Mr. Sharif did when he too dropped-in at Mr. Modi's swearing-in. After all, one good turn deserves another, which I/we think at hind sight now, that Mr. Modi did not forget, and therefore, he wanted to pay back at such an auspicious time for Mr. Sharif and family, that is, the marriage of their grand daughter plus Mr. Sharif's birthday too, truly a 'Santa' like affair. In true x'mas spirit!
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M.Saeed Dec 26, 2015 06:42pm
India and Pakistan can become joint world economic leader within a decade if they can amicably solve the Kashmir dispute.
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M.Saeed Dec 26, 2015 07:00pm
This is the most practical way of eliminating terror between two neighbors of same genealogy.
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ROHIT PANDEY Dec 26, 2015 07:07pm
If someone is in land speculation, it is time to BUY in Lahore or Amritsar? Prices will ZZOOOMMM once trade and investment flows occur across the border? Jus' me and my funny ideas!:):):):):)
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Syed Dec 26, 2015 07:26pm
To our Indian friends: Solve Kashmir and you will not find a better and closer friend than Pakistan
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Pankaj Mishra Dec 26, 2015 07:27pm
it would be worth better for both countries,poverty is our common enemy we have to defeat it.Development and welfare of the people should b our concern not Kashmir.
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Ajaya K Dutt Dec 26, 2015 07:55pm
In view of positive comments from Pakistan, spoilers would dare not do any thing stupid.
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Gopakumar Dec 26, 2015 11:26pm
For 70 long years we shouted, quarreled,wanted to tear away the other. But, destiny had some surprises in reserve. Out of 1.50 billion people on both sides, it took just TWO visionaries to light the path.
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Historicevents Dec 27, 2015 07:27am
This amazing stopover drew attention of the whole world.Now people believes some breakthrough around. All the best wishes to PM Nawaz Sharif and PM Modi for early resolutions of all outstanding disputes,so that something good can be done for future generations of both nations.
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Proud Lahori Dec 27, 2015 04:05pm
@Historicevents I think myself as a proud Lahore greatly appreciate both leaders initiatives, ones wished for visiting and another ones welcomed that initiative in the most respectable Lahori's ways for which Lahore is globally known
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Proud Lahori Dec 27, 2015 04:09pm
As a proud Lahori, I firmly believe that both leaders have done a great job-ones wishing to visit and another ones, welcomed with both his heart and hands opened for the gesture w Lahore is globally known. True statesmen.
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gopal Dec 28, 2015 04:42pm
@Syed In what way, give Kashmir on a plate? Forget it.
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gopal Dec 28, 2015 04:43pm
@Ajaya K Dutt you are wrong. Spoilers have been warned by USA.
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Dilawar Habibi Dec 29, 2015 09:42am
Pakistan will benefit economically more then India. Plus it will be India that would be depended on Pakistan's energy supply line one else TAPI project completed and the OG start flowing throw these pipelines.
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APPAN VARMA Jan 01, 2016 04:17pm
What struck us in India is the way Modi touched the feet of the aged mother.What a gesture the hindus of india loved .Along with came the prostration at the feet of a christian bishop of Kerala by the RSS top man of Kerala ( now BJP president there).These two incidents clearly show how tolerant and respectful are the present indian govt to minoriteis.Talks are in full throttle on the hopes of an old india ( Pak and Bengladesh etc together with India)
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