Who is Qandeel Baloch and what is she doing on my timeline?

Who is Qandeel Baloch and what is she doing on my timeline?

8 things to know about Facebook's latest viral sensation
Updated 06 Apr, 2018

Facebook has a new bug, and its name is Qandeel Baloch.

If a friend (or now sworn enemy) hasn't coughed up one of her selfie videos on your timeline, you should consider yourself very lucky – and block possible trolls in advance.

Because Qandeel Baloch is what's going around on the social media circuit. And no one saw her coming.

Once a model and TV actress, she's now a popular choice for Dubsmash and also a fixture on the morning shows for when some extra masala is needed. So vicious is she, that she's succeeded in booing Mathira off the sets!

Yup, she's that catty!

Here's 8 more things to know about her:

1- She was the product of this unholy alliance:

2- Since she considered the above meme a compliment, we know who her inspirations are! We also know who her inspirations are not...

"Don't call me Meera... or Mathira... or whatever!"

3- But competition-wise, it's Waqar Zaka who's her arch enemy:

Qandeel has some strong feelings about the latest in his life

Blasting Waqar for faking his Facebook hack for fame two days ago, she utters a most emphatic "I hate you, b******!" We wonder if she really means, "Wish I had thought of that!"

4- Never seen without 434 layers of make-up, it's no surprise that Qandeel cares about her looks:

Is she marvelous, extraordinary or sexy? This guy thinks she's all three...

5- She really is a glutton for punish... err.. compliments?

"Was missing your ganday comments and galiyan," she says

6- She once had dreams of being a singer:

Remember her Pakistan Idol audition?

Who can forget it? The supposed actress-model-wannabe aunty stood out with style, strode into the audition room atop her six-inch stilettos and promptly debauched a Hadiqa Kiani number to the point that even the pop queen was forced to disown the song!

7- The celeb lifestyle sometimes gets her down:

She's feeling 'marr jao' in this one

8- But she's soon back on her feet:

She has a special message for her 'female haters'!


Jawad pakistani Sep 30, 2015 05:07pm
I love you Qandeel Baloch she's awesome
Dawn Admirer Sep 30, 2015 05:11pm
Quite funny , ha ha ha!! Thanks Mehreen.
Rashid Ishaq Sep 30, 2015 05:23pm
Qandeel has definitely beaten all the Meera, Reema and Veena etc; she is one we needed :D
Karchiite Sep 30, 2015 06:03pm
looooooool. her singing voice is actually quite good, unfortunately coupled with low IQ it can't end up well.
Aamir Jahan Sep 30, 2015 06:32pm
After watching her audition @6, i just came to know that ye bachpan se hi esi hay :D Thanks Mehreen, Keep it up and please write more reviews of other "Talented Artists" of our Industry too.
Ahsan Shabbir Sep 30, 2015 06:38pm
Buhaha. I kind of like her. She is genuinely worthy of title "Drama Queen".
Mubashir Khan Sep 30, 2015 06:44pm
I saw her first time and completely lost. what she trying to show. Shes the baap of all Mathira, Waqar Zaka, eyetoeye and soo on.
Kala Ingrez - کالا انگریز - काला अंग्रेज - কালো ইংরাজি Sep 30, 2015 07:21pm
Another bleached queeen promoted here.
Hassan Sep 30, 2015 08:35pm
I think Qandeel's philosophy is " Badnaam Agar Honge Tau Kya Naam Na Hoga" .......
Asif Sep 30, 2015 08:53pm
She is a living proof that evolution is not a perfect process after all !
Shahid Akbar, Long Island, New Ydork Sep 30, 2015 10:12pm
I am so pleased to see pictures of Pakistani men and women. The know how to carry themselves.
Shahid Akbar, Long Island, New Ydork Sep 30, 2015 10:14pm
Qandeel! no offense please. You need to work on your eyebrows.
javeria Oct 01, 2015 01:01am
Oh my , just saw her page.What a bold person this is .She is just pinching and grating right nerves of Pakistanis. The problem that we love watching a show and then punching it down just to prove we are so much better.But are we? Her comment section is an open indication of that.I hope her spirits remain intact, although it's next to impossible in our society.
Muhammad Ali Oct 01, 2015 03:25am
She does have some genuine points in the last video-- dhood ki dhuli rofl
Zeeshan Arshad Oct 01, 2015 02:25pm
one issue where we cant thank Raheel shareef at all :(
who Oct 04, 2015 03:05pm
WHO? But I find her voice funny ":D