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Updated Mar 23, 2016 12:33pm

Hamna Zubair, Editor

Tell us how you got here?

Circuitously! I worked in print journalism in Karachi for a few years after I graduated from college, but all I really wanted was to become a better writer and to immerse myself in the publishing world. So I moved to New York City, where the action is. I did an MFA in creative writing from The New School, worked for an amazing literary magazine, wrote for a culture website and started a reading series before landing a place at a literary agency I'd long admired. The work was inspiring; the city even more so.

When circumstances dictated I spend more time in Pakistan I began looking for projects that would be an organic extension of what I'd done in publishing — that is, working with writers to distill ideas for books and articles, keeping an eye on the next big thing in the arts, science, what have you. This was the thing.

Time to 'fess up: describe your dream interview/article/investigative piece.

That's tough. I'd love to chat with Joan Didion. I bumped into her once — it's a funny story — but didn't have the courage to ask her much at all. Also, if we allow time travel, James Baldwin and Manto.

Who'd you pick to be your celebrity BFF?

Also tough! Definitely Mindy Kaling — she's so funny. And then Sania Saeed to add perspective and Sonam Kapoor for wardrobe swaps.

Mehreen Hasan, Assistant Editor

Tell us how you got here?

Growing up, I thought I'd write and teach and save the world, but the first job I got in journalism was at the Life & Style section of The News. I spent my first year there turning up my nose at fashion weeks and Dhoom 3 (which was the biggest hit that year, if memory serves me correctly) but there eventually came a time when I stopped dreaming of switching beats and began to own what I did for a living. I believe a people are known by their cultural products, and I'm happy to be able to contribute to the commentary surrounding them.

Time to 'fess up: describe your dream interview/article/investigative piece.

Gah, how do you decide on these things? I wish I had spoken at greater length to Sabeen when I had the chance, but settled on reading her journal articles instead.

Which local flick would you love to have a starring role in and why?

I'm waiting for a Buzzfeed quiz to decide that for me.

Anum R. Chagani, Staff Writer

Tell us how you got here?

I'm afraid it's not the most exciting anecdote. I took some time off after high school, to try and figure out what I want to do. I ended up doing lots of random jobs out of boredom like modeling, marketing gigs and content writing.

I heard about the opening at the L&S desk at through a friend who already worked here. I applied, got an interview and luckily landed the job without even really knowing what I had signed up for!

Time to 'fess up: describe your dream interview/article/investigative piece.

The lawyer in me says Jon Stewart; he'd be brutally honest and so wonderfully insightful, as always but the fan girl in me says Ranveer Singh. Don't judge me!

As far as investigative journalism goes, I want to do something along the lines of what Sarah Koenig has done with the Serial podcast; she highlighted a troubling justice system on a medium that gave it commercial value thus magnifying its reach.

Name a fashion trend you think is absolutely amazing and one you think should go away right now.

Currently, I'm loving off the shoulder tops, I think they're so flattering and chic. On the other hand, wearing dungarees is a fashion trend that needs to die; there's just no way you can be taken seriously in those!

Zoya Anwer, former Staff Writer

Tell us how you got here?

One lucky Chaand raat I would say :D that's when I sent my CV and forgot about it actually.

I was looking for work and this seemed interesting. Turned out it was! Especially after I started reporting. Although there are times when I do face an existential crisis, I try my best to follow my instincts and do pieces that are close to my heart. And guess what, things usually work out.

Time to 'fess up: describe your dream interview/article/investigative piece.

Ahh, for an interview I'd say Ellen DeGeneres because humour FTW and Arundhati Roy for her guts. For an investigative piece, I'd love to explore the underpinnings of local cinema, everything from the censor board to gate-keeping to production.

What's the best and worst part of interviewing a celebrity?

Best part: You get to meet and ask questions from people whose answers could potentially inspire many, because, let's face it, people do worship celebrities. And photographs. I love taking photographs of people who inspire me or others.

Worst part: Sometimes they don't live up to our expectations— especially if they make statements that are highly contentious. Interviewing them later can become tough because you have to actively strive to let go of that bias.