Sonakshi vs trolls: who won this Twitter battle?

Sonakshi vs trolls: who won this Twitter battle?

Twitter trolls hurled criticism at the Bollywood actress, but she bounced back with aplomb!
03 Sep, 2015

Bollywood stars who do not conform to its beauty norms often have to ward off unwarranted commentary about their physical appearance. Sometimes, that comes in the form of Twitter trolls. But celebs like Sonakshi Sinha know how to hit back.

Sonakshi's Twitter Q&A was recently interrupted by the following rude remark: a troll asked 'what made Sonakshi so damn ugly'.

To this, Sonakshi retorted by posting a picture:

Talk about a shut-down!

Although Sonakshi dismissed the question nonchalantly, this isn't the first time an actor has been labeled 'ugly'. While Sonakshi's forehead has also been the subject of much unnecessary debate, Vidya Balan's weight has also been hotly discussed; in fact, it's caused the actress to resort to opting for procedures to reduce it.

Sonakshi, who also dabbles in music, went on to put down some more of her critics on Twitter. In response to a person who mocked her credentials for being an Indian Idol Jr judge, she said:

Sonakshi shared that she will like share screen space with Priyanka Chopra and it appears that she is quite a drummer herself!

The actor who is waiting for the release of her upcoming film Akira was last seen in Tevar with Arjun Kapoor.