‘The little me wanted to be perfect’: Ayesha Omar pens a heartfelt note for her late father and her younger self

‘The little me wanted to be perfect’: Ayesha Omar pens a heartfelt note for her late father and her younger self

The actor talked about her journey without a father and how she has always wanted to make her parents happy.
09 Aug, 2022

It’s not every day a celebrity pens down a long note but when they do, their words tend to impact not only their followers but also other people who can relate to their struggles and challenges. This time actor Ayesha Omar dedicated a post to her late father and how it was growing up without a father figure.

Omar took to Instagram on Monday and shared her story, dating back to when she was less than two years old. Her father passed away leaving behind two children and a wife.

Praising her mother, she wrote, “My father left this world and moved on to the next, leaving behind two tiny children, Aziz Omar and I, one year apart, for my young mom to raise single handedly. She never remarried and dedicated the rest of her entire life to raise us, despite all odds. She wanted us to get the best education and travel all over the world broadening our horizons but she was also very scared for me, her curious, confident little daughter who wanted to chat with everyone and explore the world a little too much.”

She said that her younger version wanted to sing, dance, paint, act and do everything her heart desired, and had so much of her “father in her” that it terrified her mother. Omar’s mum wanted all that for her but was afraid because there was no father to protect her, “no male figure to stand by” her if anyone tried to harm her.

“I picked up on that fear and grew up with it. I was scared of the world and what it could do to me. So the little me started putting up an even more confident front. The little me wanted to be perfect at everything to make her mama happy and her dad proud up in heaven. Little me also kept pushing on, watching her mama struggle and push through all that life threw at her.”

Talking about life after she completed her studies, Omar wrote, “When I graduated from college I put on my daddy boots [and] started supporting my tiny family. But the fear stayed in my heart. I was surrounded by people all the time. Some lifting me up, some tearing me down. Always having to put up front. I went through the best times and the worst. Some of my worst fears came true but Allah always protected me.”

She opened up that after feeling less fearful she enjoyed her own company and started “reparenting” herself to believe that she’s never alone and is always enough. To end her note, she wrote, “Every August, today, I would wonder if my father would’ve been proud of me but today, I know he would’ve because I am proud of me. Say a little prayer for him and me, please,” Omar requested.

Fellow celebrity friends of Omar also dropped by in the comment section including ace fashion designer HSY, journalist Maria Memon, model Nadia Hussain and actors Hira Tareen and Tara Mahmood and sent their prayers for the Bulbulay actor and her late father.

Omar has been very vocal about her childhood, being raised by a single parent and her past traumas. While she has always praised her family and spoke about her struggles in interviews, the actor for the first time took to Instagram and shared something close to her with her followers.

On the work front Omar was last seen with Ahsan Khan in their film Rehbra and the actor is currently working on a project alongside Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed for a Pak-Turk show on Salahuddin Ayubi.