Stop turning Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari's happy moment into idle gossip: Mashal Khan

Published 05 May, 2021 01:01pm

Images Staff

Trolls tried to drag her into their engagement news but she handled it with maturity.

Actor Mashal Khan recently took to social media to distance herself from gossip and chatter about her ex Ali Ansari — the two had a very public relationship — and his engagement to Fitrat star Saboor Aly.

The celebrity couple made the announcement on social media, which was followed by well wishes and the fans' excitement to see their favourite faces enter a new bond together. As the news spread, and excitement began to fade, gossipmongers latched on to another topic — Ansari's ex-girlfriend Khan. They wanted to know what she was up to and what she thought of the situation.

Khan responded with disappointment and disgust.

"It's so sad that a moment which is supposed to be of so much happiness for a couple has been turned into idle gossip," she said.

The Suno Chanda star then continued, rather regretfully, "It's come to my knowledge that several attempts are being made to pull me into Ali Ansari and Saboor Ali's recent engagement announcement." Khan then, maturely, chose to distance herself from them, and condemn the actions of the muhallai phuppos by doing the opposite of what they'd want and hope for, and wishing the new couple well, saying, "I wish them the best of luck and congratulations for their happy union."

"Let's not try to ruin someone's moment shall we?" she ended sternly.

We're team Mashal Khan, and also wish the best to the happy couple. Let's not try to drag other people into someone's engagement. Relationships end and that's fine, we only wish people could handle it with the same maturity Khan did.