Twitter is translating Atif Aslam's songs into English and it's hilarious

Published 03 Apr, 2021 05:14pm

Images Staff

Can you guess the song titles from these funny translations?

If you're an 80s kid, 90s kid or even from Gen Z, Atif Aslam's music is probably something that is close to your heart. You might even have a favourite song and know the lyrics to it by heart, but you might not have heard of some of the songs Pakistani Twitter is talking about.

In a funny turn of events, social media is enjoying translating some of the Aadat (or Habit) singer's song titles and lyrics into English. The results? We're laughing just reading the answers.

The trend began with a woman's awkward encounter with her friend who initially got the music wrong and spiralled from there. Can you guess these songs?

A nationwide favourite

Shahid Kapoor did justice to this one. Don't you think?

We can't even

Hint: it might be hilarious but it's a sad song.

Enough said?

The shorter it is, the harder to guess.

A tough one

Can you guess?

Hint: a Katrina-Ranbir starrer

Shot at Aspendos Theatre and the Temple of Apollo in Turkey.

Who hurt you?

You're out of hints.

That was deep

We're as confused as you.

Even we don't know this one

Someone help.