With the coronavirus still around, and children stuck at home with not much to do, little Tayyab from Lahore has found the perfect way to encourage his fellows to practice hygiene.

Soaptastic is the 11-year-old's home-venture where he makes lots of anti-bacterial soaps to motivate children to keep washing their hands.

Each organic soap comes with an interesting gift in the middle; so the more you wash your hands, the faster you get to the toy!

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From Dinosaurland to Lion King, unicorns to Justice League, the options are endless. If you're lucky, you can even get your hands on a fun theme.

"My HotWheels soaps zoom out," says Tayyab, as he reveals the racing cars as the audience's favourite pick.

"I wanted my kids to learn about charity, and reduce their screen time," said Samia, the Soaptastic mum who found a splendid way to keep her children busy and give back to the community.

When the project initially began, the children would give 20% of their earnings to charity. However, with growing popularity, Tayyab and his siblings have pledged 90% of what they're making to causes close to their hearts.

From donating in the name of the precious children who lost their lives in the PIA plane crash, to sustaining young juice-sellers and even hospitals in Lahore, the superheroes are putting in the effort to do the best they can.

"My 6-year-old sister tried breaking the soap," laughed Tayyab, as he revealed the mischief in a conversation with Images. "So I told her, you lose the game if you break the toy." Now little Dua too, washes her hands with enthusiasm to claim her present.

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Preparing one batch everyday, we are in love with the small gesture, great effort and sweet intention that the little ones have come up with. Good job, kiddos!