We've all been waiting to see Sohai Ali Abro in Motorcyle Girl.

The film is inspired by 20-year-old Zenith Irfan, who is believed to be the first Pakistani woman to take a solo bike trip through the country's north.

Being Adnan Sarwar's second film after Shah, this has been long in the making and we finally have a trailer.

In the trailer, we see Sohai is breaking stereotypes by riding a bike to work and society won't have it. When she finds out it was her father's wish to travel up to the Khunjerab on a bike, she takes on the chance to live her father's dream.

Looks like Adnan Sarwar kept as close as he possibly could to Zenith Irfan's real story.

The film keeps to its light-hearted feel even while it holds up a mirror to the more conservative members of Pakistani society. Sohai is joined by Ali Kazmi, Samina Peerzada and Sarmad Khoosat in the cast.

Motorcycle Girl is slated for release on April 20.