Watch these Americans decide who's better: Hamza Ali Abbasi or Fawad Khan

Published 15 Oct, 2016 12:22pm

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Apparently Fawad Khan looks like George Clooney's nephew

Guess who's For The Win?
Guess who's For The Win?

Who are we kidding? We love both the actors, but these guys rip 'em apart!

YouTube channel FOMO Daily curates cultures from around the world in an effort to unite subcultures, fanbases, and countries. In their latest episode six Americans judge who is better, Pakistan's two favourite actors (not for the same reasons though) Fawad Khan or Hamza Ali Abbasi in a three-round battle.

Here's a quick breakdown:

Round 1: Twitter accounts

Fawad Khan's cover image fails to impress.

"This looks like a picture that could've been taken in the 80s."

They find his account too 'business oriented', and though he looks like a "young, good looking George Clooney" his Twitter fails to keep them engaged.

Unlike Fawad's account, Hamza Ali Abbasi's is very active with political statements, of course. But..

"Umm, where are the photos?"

They appreciate the actor taking a political stance, but err... his Mountain Dew ad didn't have many takers.

Score: Fawad - 1, Hamza - 5

Round 2: Commercials

Fawad's Aquafina ad failed to impress, and the Talk Shawk one riled up the women.

"It's so annoying playing into the stereotypes."


On the other hand, Hamza Ali Abbasi won them over with his Cake Rusk ad.

"These are exactly the kind of people I want to hang out with at a party."

And his Mc Donald's ad was "mind exploding". They least expected it with the grand costumes and regal tone of the TVC.

Score: Fawad - 0, Hamza - 6

Round 3: Movie trailers

Fawad wins hearts after his Kapoor And Sons trailer. Finally, some appreciation!

"Khan came a long way from those commercials"

Eh. Hamza Ali Abbasi's Jawani Phir Nahi Ani was 'too slapstick' and sexist for the women. But all of them agreed that it was a rip off of The Hangover.

Fawad - 5, Hamza - 1

Guess who's For The Win?

Ding ding ding ding!

Hamza Ali Abbasi!