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5 foods that will warm your soul in this chilly Karachi weather

Fill your tummy (and heart) with pho, hot pot, mac and cheese, soup and saag with makkai roti.
Published 18 Jan, 2023 05:50pm

Winter may have begun a month or so ago but it has only just started to get cold in Karachi — at least as cold as it gets in Karachi. If you’re also not feeling the kitchen struggle and just want a dish of instant warmth presented to you, we’ve got a list of places for you to try.

Winter cravings are real and we take them very seriously at Images. As the temperature drops, so does our — and our gas stove’s — willingness to prepare food. No need to worry, our careful selection includes desi food like saag with makkai [cornmeal] rotis, comfort food such as mac and cheese and the more preferred broth-y foods such as pho, hot pot and, of course, soup.

Rajdhani Delights’ saag and makkai rotis

For some, winter signals whipping out piping hot saag with desi ghee and makkai rotis for lunch. But just because you’re craving it, that doesn’t mean you want to go through the trouble of cooking it, which is where Rajdhani Delights comes in. The restaurant is better known for their delish thaalis [platters] but around this time of the year, their menu expands to include a seasonal dish — sarson ka saag with makkai ki roti.

The mouth-watering meal is a special at the restaurant that serves it with melted butter on both the saag and roti, adding a hint of saltiness to the spicy and yummy dish. The green earthy flavour of saag hits all the spots with the spice blend and their evenly cooked makkai roti. It’s a meal that one must not miss.

Totoro’s hot pot

Despite the objection a few have to going to a restaurant and having to cook your own food, hot pot has become very popular in Pakistan. In the months, more and more people have flocked to places serving it to enjoy it with a gathering of friends and family. Totoro at the Spring’s cafe is one such place that curates a fun experience with the wide variety of sides they offer to choose from.

Oh, to fight the breeze and balance out the cold with the hot broth filled mix of carbs, protein and veggies. The name itself promises to keep you warm, what more do we want from a winter delicacy?

Basic’s Vietnamese pho

The outlet’s name may be Basic but their Vietnamese pho is anything but. Promising to heal the soul, Basic’s version of pho is richly seasoned beefy broth that is ladled over rice noodles and beef brisket. Its distinct taste comes from flavours derived from hoisin, sriracha, green onions, coriander, bean sprouts, Thai red chilli and lime.

You don’t need to go to Vietnam to try this delectable dish, let Vietnam come to you this winter.

FLOC’s mac and cheese

Although any combination of cheese and carbs is a godsend, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of mac and cheese. FLOC’s mac and cheese comes with several flavours besides the basic version — there’s mac and cheese layered with flaming hot cheetos, mac and cheese with hot buffalo fried chicken, and mac and cheese with qeema and loaded with chilli chips.

We don’t even think we have to convince you here — it’s mac and cheese, for cheddar’s sake. Get yourself a bowl and thank us later.

Ginsoy’s hot and sour soup

There’s nothing more simple yet fulfilling than soup. Soup is not a meal constrained to any time — you can have soup whenever you want, especially in the winter. It’s light, it’s healthy and Ginsoy’s hot and sour concoction is super tasty. It may be ordered as an appetiser but coupled with their crackers and special green chutney, it’s a meal on its own.

Soup is a no-brainer. Soup is a winter saviour.

What’s your favourite winter comfort food? Let us know in the comments!