These posters from this year's Aurat March warmed our cold feminist hearts

Happy Women's Day, everyone!
Updated 08 Mar, 2022

Every year the Aurat March is held on March 8 (International Women's Day) and every year there are a whole lot of people on the internet who get angry over posters at the march. There's something about women talking about their issues and them demanding their rights that gets to people online.

This year, we've rounded up some of our favourite posters from the march in Karachi. Here's what people marched for this year.

For the right to occupy public spaces

Against people trying to control women

For Baloch women

For a stop to hate

For mothers who have lost their sons

For equality

Because women should support each other

Because they weren't allowed to

Because why not?

For the right to dress and live as they please

Because people are scared of the Aurat March

For their right to be free

Because sexist jokes aren't funny

Because of society

Because people actually think like this

Because they can

Happy Women's Day everyone but especially to the brave women who went to the Aurat Marches across the country today.