Going loco for local: Bodybrics’ Cargo Leggings are the second skin you need during your workouts

POCKETS. Pockets. P O C K E T S. Must I say more?
16 Dec, 2022

From the unofficial alliance of women, I would like to send out a message to the world and say: girls just want to have pockets. I bring up pockets because that is probably the first thing you might notice in Bodybrics’ Cargo Leggings.

To be fair, pocket-less yoga pants are more sleek visually — which they also sell, by the way — but pockets are just more convenient and functional for working out. Where else would we keep our phones and earphones? Especially for people like myself, who need to be distracted by music while I burn calories and the calories burn me in return.

When I tried Bodybrics’ Cargo Leggings, the first thing I noticed is that they fit like a second skin — which is another plus point while working out as you want nothing getting in the way or slowing you down — not even yourself.

The second thing I was curious about was how much flexibility would they allow me. For that, I channelled a younger me who was on top of her Taekwondo class and tried Yeop-chagi, which are sidekicks that go as high as your head. I found out that while I was able to perform the kick, I felt like there was a teensy-weensy limit to the elasticity but that’s just the perfectionist in me trying to nitpick. Given that you don’t wear yoga pants to Taekwondo, I think you should be good with these.

These leggings were sent free of charge to Images by Bodybrics but the price on their site is Rs3,450 before discount and Rs2,400 after. Their OG price for just leggings is kind of pricey but I think it’s at par with other fitness apparel brands. All in all, I’d rate them a four out of five. Points deducted for potential to up the visual appeal.

P.S. They have a wide variety of workout clothes, from sports bras and jogger pants to cropped hoodies and tracksuits. After trying their Cargo Leggings, I actually think I might give more items a try!

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

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Going Loco For Local