Comfort's new campaign reminds us that we don't need new lawn outfits this season

Updated 12 Jun, 2021 01:51pm


The brand's new TVC shows us the downside of keeping up with trends.

Every year, come summer, we rush to our closest malls to get our hands on the latest lawn prints. People push, shove and fight over lawn suits that usually have to be replaced within a year.

But it doesn't all have to be frenzied violence.

Comfort's new TVC shows us the darker (and funnier) side of this lawn frenzy.

The ad creatively turns this lawn craze into a horror flick, with people rushing to buy lawn after being haunted (and hunted) by models in new lawn.

Here's what we loved about the ad:

It's creative and funny!

Everything about the ad, from the spooky music to the shifty-eyed people, was hilarious!

We've seen people eyeing lawn the way they showed in the ad and can testify that it's based on reality.

It shows us that all that glitters isn't gold

The lawn suits in the ad look amazing but you don't need new clothes for them to look great.

Products like Comfort fabric softener promise vibrant colours, softness and clothes that smell great and are far cheaper on your pocket than buying a whole new wardrobe, no matter how tempting these lawn ads are.

Beneath the humour, the campaign has an important message

The ad may be funny, but it also carries an important message about trends and impulsive buying.

The people in the ad are like zombies, chasing after this new — and rather unnecessary — trend.

At the end of the day, isn't it better to be sustainable rather than buying into trends that change every year? What's the point of buying more clothes that we don't even need?

This summer season, we're reevaluating whether we should be forking over our hard earned cash to impulsively buy new clothes when we've already got perfectly decent clothes hanging in our wardrobes.

Watch the full TVC here:

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