Mawra Hocane goes back to law school to 'finish what she started'

Updated 17 Feb, 2017 02:18pm

Images Staff

The actor is planning to complete her LLB degree

Turns out there's very little we know about Mawra Hocane.

Recently, the Sammi star revealed that she's going back to school to finish her LLB degree and it looks like she's pretty darn serious about that goal.

"I believe in finishing what I start; not being able to do that makes me feel weak," said Mawra to Images. "As to why I chose to go back to studying [when she already has a blossoming acting career], I have never considered studies as a means to obtain a job. For me education is all about knowledge. While I polish my career, I want to polish my intelligence as well."

Back in 2014 she had enrolled in an LLB programme but after being offered the lead role in Bollywood flick Sanam Teri Kasam, Mawra decided to take a break from her studies. Now, however, she has planned to finish her degree.

"I don't want to waste my life by being lazy," says Mawra. "Just today my class got cancelled and I was so upset! I want to make the most out of it."

Mawra did dabble in a couple of other disciplines before finally realising that her heart was set on law. "Before taking up law, I studied medicine for six months and then tried my hand at fashion designing for another six months. I wanted to find something that excited me. Finally, it was law that captured my interest," said the actor.

And what do you know? The actor holds a diploma in Law from the University of London and gained a distinction by securing the highest marks in Contract Law in all of South Asia!

However, this time around, instead of juggling between work and studies, she has prioritised academics.

"The last year, my study schedule revolved around my work schedule. These past couple of months, leading up till May (her first Law exam) my work schedule will revolve around my study schedule," she added.

But wouldn't it hinder the shoot of her drama Sammi?

She explained: "For instance I am shooting a spell of Sammi next week for which I have to miss classes, which I will eventually need to make up for by studying extra. Shoots for campaigns/TVCs are planned for weekends so I don't have to miss too many classes."

"It's a complicated process to manage all of this but I feel I have the ability to do 48 hours of work in 24 hours," she said. "I don't want to waste my life by being lazy. Just today my class got cancelled and I was so upset! I want to make the most out of it."

"I want young girls and boys to utilise themselves to their full potential," she added. "Do not follow anyone else's opinion of your capabilities; find for yourself what you're passionate about and chase it!"

If all goes well, Mawra will graduate next year in London.