5 ways to take your hairdos up a notch with accessories this wedding season

Here's how to look very put together with minimal effort.
13 Dec, 2022

December is here and you know what that means — wedding season is upon us. While most of us spend a lot of time worrying only about what we’re going to wear, it’s the little details that can make or break a look. The addition of accessories can amp up your outfit instantly.

This wedding season, we’re bringing you five ways to take your glam up a notch.

Whether you have long hair or short hair, whether you prefer your hair up and out of your way or free falling and flowing, whether you like it plain and simple or have a funky streak, we’ve got you covered. No complicated knots or tangles, no rocket science, only the magic of accessories. With these hacks, you can look effortlessly presentable this shaadi season.

Sea of waves parted by a teeka

While straight hair can be simple and sleek, curls add a little oomph to your hair and are visually a fun texture. Loose curls form the prettiest waves, perfect for any festive occasion.

Add a teeka to the middle-parted waves and you’re good to go! Easy breezy.

A phool to fool them all

If you want to give off an impression of thoughtfulness without putting in too much effort, get a huge flower — colour-coordinated with your dress, of course — and add to a slicked back bun.

The instant pop of colour and shape will add weight to your side poses.

A headband matha patti

What’s an easy way of looking fancy without putting in too much work? You combine two accessories in one. A hairband and a teeka collaborated and the world came to witness the glorious headband matha patti. This is how you take casual and make it fancy. How regal!

Chunky earrings are here to save the day

With this hack, you can get away with pulling your unwashed hair back into a tight bun or even a loose, messy ponytail — the trick is to draw the attention away from the hair. We do that by flashing the onlooker with chunky or shiny earrings — distract the heck out of them!

Hey, if Mahira Khan and Maya Ali can get away with it, who are we to question it?

Side parted hair with a draped dupatta

Ramsha Khan seems to love this look she has so skillfully curated — she has repeated it several times. Waves pushed to one side — clip optional — paired with a colourful, jazzy dupatta that is on the opposite side of the parted hair.

What was Khan thinking? Balance, symmetry, zen? Logically it works, it’s interesting, it’s subtle but thoughtful.

Which of these looks are you going to try? Let us know!