7 unmissable street food items that you must try in Karachi

We say these must-haves are the reason why #KarachiIsLove!
Updated 26 Mar, 2021

We know, we know, there's a lot of chitter-chatter about Lahore's food scene, but as avid fans of Karachi's diverse and flavourful food, we think otherwise.

Dawn.com's recent collaboration with Coca Cola, under the hashtag #KarachiIsLove and #DawnxCocaCola, has reminded us of our love for the flavoursome metropolis.

Be it steaming, chargrilled BBQ stalls or the chai dhabas lined across every nook and corner, Karachi has got myriads of flavours to offer.

Here are some mouthwatering entries from the contest that are showing us some of the most delectable street food spots in Karachi:

1. Spicy chicken and mutton sajji to call it a day

There's nothing more enticing than the wafting aroma of succulent meat, marinated in spices and roasted on coal in skewers.

Rule of thumb before going for this grilled goodness: starve yourself before the meat-vaganza because you're going to need all the stomach space you can get.

2. Halwa puri any time, any day

Karachites can't do weekends without halwa puri (although we don't need a lot of convincing for having it on week days either).

There's something about a beautiful golden-brown, fluffed puri that no flatbread in the world can compete with.

3. Anda paratha and chola to celebrate the weekend

If you're too done with having halwa puri (highly unlikely, but okay), switch to the next best breakfast duo us Karachites swear by -- anda paratha!

Add a plate of * chola* and some karak doodh pati to the mix and forget all about your work woes because nothing spells weekend like a good, ol' desi brekkie.

4. Join the bun kebab bandwagon

Why burn a hole in the pocket for something you can get just as good (maybe even better?) in just under Rs50?

This staple street food item is as desi as it gets; complete with a daal patty tucked between a liberally-buttered bun with fried eggs and lots of green chutney atop, we promise you'd want to devour more than one.

Pffft, we always add some thelay walay, ketchupy fries as sideline.

5. Karachi is love, Karachi is gol gappa goals!

We are instantly turned off when conversations around Karachi's best street food don't mention gol gappay!

These crackly, crispy balls reign supreme in the heart of every desi - and rightly so.

Try them with sweet or sour condiments (or both?) and thank us later.

6. Chai for the win

How sinful would it be if we exclude chai from this list?

It's said the beverage runs in the veins of every Karachite and you only need one strong cup of this beautiful brown goodness to convert into a real tea-votee.

Be it for a quick gossip sesh with friends or a heated political debate, the tea is always fantastic here. (ahem!)

7. Nothing beats Karachi's heat better than gola ganda

Icy mush drenched in a rainbow of sugary syrups with lots of chocolate and condensed milk atop is just what we want when we are looking to fight Karachi's heat.

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