Qissa Nagri has released its second short film and it's one many could relate to in 2020.

Titled Alehdagi, the first installment has Mahira Khan narrating "a heartfelt conversation with one’s own soul and the disruption that comes with it."

The writing - called Hamesha yahi hota hai - makes us think about how disassociated we have been from many things in our lives. It also seems to discuss concepts like anxiety, depression and feeling lost. What with the current situation of the world, we couldn't help but think about it on a deeply personal level. Many in this time of crisis would understand what it's like to not recognise themselves.

While Mahira Khan narrates the video, writer and director Ahmed Sarym stars himself in the short along with Maamen Qutubshahi. The haunting music that adds to the overall aesthetic has been composed by Adeel Husain.