Here are 5 outfits we're adding to our summer wardrobe this year

We've made picks based off floral patterns, timeless embroideries and unique colour mixes.
19 Feb, 2020

We'll just admit, our summer wardrobe carries a mix of bright colours, popping prints and easy, breezy fabrics. Always!

Keeping up our little tradition, we're planning to design some cool outfits using unstitched fabrics this year as well.

Skimming past the many looks carried in the Summer Calling catalogue, we bookmarked a few pieces that we feel we'd want to make a trip to the stores for.

Introducing an all-new vibe for summer this year, Sapphire is about to release the latest of its works: the 'Summer Calling'; an unstitched collection of a variety of breathable, summer fabrics carrying unique prints and affordable price tags starting from as low as Rs990.

Our top picks

Here's why each of the following caught our attention:

1. Vivid colours clubbed with embroidered contrasts

2. Timeless whites with chic embellishments

3. Hot pinks - just hot, beaming pinks

4. Trendy embroidered motifs on simple solids

5. Muted colours, easy prints

6 hip fabric concepts

We feel Sapphire knows we need tons and tons (and tons!) of choices for our summer wardrobe.

To bring to us that, the brand has pieced together a collection that holds outfit options for all occasions; six trendy concepts catering to those lazy summer afternoons, nights where you yearn for a traditional, timeless outfit, those days when all you want is to feel the wind and flaunt a pop of colours, and events where you want to bring forth the style icon you just know you have always been.

Here's a look at how the brand segments each concept:

1. Daily: This segment is easy - and breezy! For our everyday, work wear needs, these simple prints work the best.

2. Classic: Traditional pieces with very classic embroidery and motifs that look very Sapphire.

3. Pop: Playful, quirky and fun prints? This collection does it all.

4. Signature: Fully embroidered pieces for evening wear needs or those semi-formal luncheons.

5. Luxe: Fabrics fit to create looks for parties or special occasions; these include, among many others, organza and chiffon ensembles.

6. Serene: Pastels accompanying subtle, simple prints for those who like muted colour palattes.

Long story short, we feel there's something to please all sorts of tastes here.

This collection will be available in stores nationwide from tomorrow

..that is - February, the 20th!

In the brand's words, the campaign at heart follows the idea of 'floral fantasies, a kaleidoscope of colors, and breathtaking horizons.'

Keeping in mind that most parts of the country experience a prolonged spell of summer every year, Sapphire has weaved unique design elements into their signature variety of fabric concepts this year as well.

To find out more about what's brewing at the Sapphire HQ, head over to their official Facebook page.

This content is produced in paid partnership with Sapphire.