Published Apr 21, 2017 01:52pm

Riz Ahmed makes TIME's 100 most influental people list

Riz Ahmed's made an impact on our lives and we have proof!

TIME magazine has just announced its list for 100 most influential people in all aspects of culture and not only does our Riz MC make the cut in the Pioneers section, he's on one of the covers of Time!

Go Riz!
Go Riz!

Riz Ahmed has been on everyone's radar ever since his breakout role in BAFTA award winning film Four Lions as his work spans from his rap duo, The Swet Shop Boys, to hit TV shows like HBO's The Night of and Netflix's Girls.

Riz is also a part of the Star Wars franchise, with many knowing him as the rebel pilot Bodhi Rook.

Writer Lin Manuel said of Riz Ahmed in his profile, "To know him is to be inspired, engaged and ready to create alongside him"

Riz Ahmed is known for advocating diverse representation in the entertainment industry as he has spoken many times against racial stereotyping.

"I wanted to get away from doing roles that had anything to do with my racial background," says Riz Ahmed, adding, "I wanted to get to what I call the Promised Land, where you’re playing a character that could be called Nasir Khan [from The Night of], but the fact that he’s in prison for [the] suspected murder [of] a girl is nothing to do with his race."

Other celebrities who made the list include Ryan Reynolds, How to get away with Murder actor Viola Davis and Pulitzer prize winning author Colson Whitehead.


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Zak Apr 21, 2017 02:04pm

Amazing. Pakistani talent is best in world class.

asad Apr 21, 2017 02:43pm

many more like him in Karachi

Amer Rao Apr 21, 2017 03:00pm


Sunil Varma Apr 21, 2017 03:37pm

@Zak ... Mr Vijay Shekar, founder of Paytm is also in the Times 100 list. So is Mr Modi our PM

Sameer Apr 21, 2017 03:39pm

His time will go soon. His fame is only temporary.

tomUHTO TAWMAYTO Apr 21, 2017 04:15pm


trust you to come up with something inane

tomUHTO TAWMAYTO Apr 21, 2017 04:22pm


Modi is on that list too...once again. Plus, there is another Indian (Paytm founder Vijay Shankar Sharma)

Zayne Apr 21, 2017 04:32pm

@Zak. Very good actor indeed ..but he's British born and bred.

Dr. Ali Apr 21, 2017 04:36pm

@Zak Is that right, then what are other 99 people from other countries doing in the list?

Ghznavi Apr 21, 2017 05:24pm

@tomUHTO TAWMAYTO Modi was also on US terrorist list.

Ordinary Apr 21, 2017 05:44pm

Congratulate but dont compare, you just made two out of population of billion. . Well Zia and Musharraf made it too.

Vinod Narang Apr 21, 2017 06:02pm

Congratulations Mr. Ahmed. This is the proof that you can do wonders when you come out of the race and religion card. Here is the proof that American do not hate Muslims.

ga Apr 21, 2017 06:28pm

Don't care much about these lists or that Nobel Peace prize. They are all jokes. But Riz Ahmed has come a long way and it was great to see a Pakistani origin in Star Wars. No small feat to land a role in Star Wars as an important character. Wish him continuing success.

HALAL_SAMOOSA Apr 21, 2017 06:39pm

Riz is phenomenal talent. I have seen his work and he always brings his characters to life. I can only see him rising farther from here. Congrats on making to the cover of TIME magazine and thanks for making us all proud!

Weq Apr 21, 2017 07:45pm

@Zak your world is way too small, Pakistanis are like all humans and all are same, no need to hype.

Bupi Apr 21, 2017 08:41pm

Always be blessed

DIL Apr 21, 2017 08:53pm

@Sunil Varma Google has listed your PM Modi on some other lists too ..

Bupi Apr 21, 2017 08:59pm

@HALAL_SAMOOSA Religon region has nothing to do only talent values.

Ajaya Dutt Apr 22, 2017 12:03am


Ajaya Dutt Apr 22, 2017 12:05am

@Zak - Of course they are the best. At least in one fileld they are the top.

Manji Apr 22, 2017 01:38am

Wait a second Riz Ahmed is a British national who was born and raised over there.This just reminds me of an article during Olympics where one of the women from 4×400m relay of Netherlands Olympic Team had Balouch origin and everyone were claiming credit because of her ancestry.

Khwarizmi Apr 22, 2017 01:44am

I loved him in The Night Of and then loved him all over in Star Wars (I've been a Star Wars fan since childhood). I hope to see Riz Ahmad in more Hollywood projects to come. Thumbs up!

Faheem Javed Apr 22, 2017 04:30am

@Sunil Varma no one cares

Sadaf Apr 22, 2017 05:54am

@ga Riz Ahmed is not a Pakistani, A British national born and bought up in London.

Adil Apr 22, 2017 06:40am

Congrats to him, ot is more important to have made the effort rather then to be on the list!

Khan Apr 22, 2017 09:34am

Well, well... Priyanka Chopra last year and Riz Ahmed (a British Pakistani) this year. Both are advocating kind of the same thing. Both are actors worth reckoning and very very inspiring.

Hassaan khalid Apr 24, 2017 08:03am

@Khan Priyanka Chopra last year???

Hassaan khalid Apr 24, 2017 09:29am

@Sadaf Brought up by Pakistanis in a Pakistani household, in a city who's mayor is a Pakistani born man. They probably have Pakistani news channels on in their house all the time, eating baryani, haleem and kheer.