Ayyan Ali is officially a free bird, now that she's been taken off the Exit Control List.

Set to resume her globetrotting adventures, here are four things she can start with:

1. Renew her plane fetish

Some people pose in the bathroom, others prefer the gym. But Ayyan's selfie backdrop of choice has been the plush interiors of her personal jet(s). Observe...

Here she is in her #personaljet:

Spacious, isn't it?

It's always fun to travel with family :-)

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Just look at that leg room:

My fav Ice Mocha ❤️

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She took time out of her packed schedule so you can witness this luxury:

travelling travelling travelling 😄 #bsy #tired #sleepy ...

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And she's into airport lounges too...

2. Resume her search for the world's most obscure hip-hop artist to start her musical career anew

After she retired from modelling, Ayyan found fame through her music videos. And she made sure to remain the star by pairing with the non-entities of the hip-hop world. For instance...

She made her debut with a 'F. Charm' from Budapest in 'You and I'.

Then, she released 'Making Dollars' with Timo, some singer from Greece.

In her last single 'Earthquake', she cut out all competition. It was just her and the autotune.

Now that she's prone to make a comeback (lets accept the inevitable), Ayyan will perhaps seek out the questionable musical talent of another unknown.

3. Travel to faraway mystical lands...

...and return these robes she borrowed:

4. Photo-ops. Avail aaall the photo-ops.

London Eye? Been there.

Chilling in london ...

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Eiffel Tower? Done that.


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Amsterdam? It's been on her cover photo, bro.

AYYAN in Amsterdam, Netherlands :-)

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We wonder what's next!