Chupa rustom was definitely a hidden gem in the city.
Chupa rustom was definitely a hidden gem in the city.

So we've got Baskin Robbins, Burger King and soon-to-launch iHop in Pakistan... but what do we really want?

International fast food chains have found their way to the Pakistani market, late, quite late, but they're here nonetheless, (what're you waiting for, Starbucks?), however, we're in a dilemma. We keep seeing new eateries open up but we're constantly missing the old favourites.

Here's a look back at some of our favourite eateries that have shut down and which we wish would open up again.

(Truth be told, we want them back now!)


Random photo of a soft serve, because obviously we didn't have phone cameras back then.
Random photo of a soft serve, because obviously we didn't have phone cameras back then.

Before everyone's obsession with sorbets, frozen yogurts and artisanal gelatos, Snoopy was everybody's go to for ice cream. No matter what time of the day or night you went, there was always a crowd. Their soft serve was pure joy and they had a ton of flavours. No child left without a smile on their face.

Copper Kettle

Oh you knew this was coming. How can one ever forget the must-have Caked Alaska from Copper Kettle? The delicious dessert was a go-to after every meal. The food was always a safe bet when taking out loved ones, also the nostalgia factor makes it a win.


Kamameshi was the most authentic Japanese restaurant around and it had more than the average sushi and teppenyaki. The flavours were on point and delicious.

Tutti Frutti

We're not going to lie, Tutti Frutti became a fast favourite the minute it opened up. It's a shame it didn't stick around for long because its chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and coconut flavours always hit the spot.

Red Emperor

Chinese food is soul food and Red Emperor did it best, their Chow Mein was perfect and so was their crispy beef.

IL Posto

This place should have never shut down. It had the perfect pizza and its pasta was al dente, how do you let a place like that close down is beyond us.

China Kitchen

Another place which served some delicious authentic Chinese food. And if you never tried the food, especially their Crispy Shredded Beef, you definitely missed out big time.


Nobody, and we repeat, nobody has ever made donuts close to Whoops' mini donuts. They were, they are and they always will be some of the best donuts we have ever had. It's so unfair that it shut down. Please open up for delivery or take away?

House of Wings

House of Wings was a must visit for any wings lover. With various marinades and serving both grilled and fried options, you could never get bored of wings there. Also, their creme brulee was a hidden gem.

Chupa Rustom

Their aaloo methi kabab were absolutely delicious and their sweet lassi was the perfect drink to wash down the food with. This place should've never closed down in the first place - it was definitely a chhupa rustom.

Do you have any favourite eateries which have closed down in your city? Share them with us in the comments section below.

This article was originally published on March 21, 2019.