Celebrate 75 years of Pakistan with these fun Independence Day deals and offers

From chocolates to clothes and jewellery, several brands are celebrating August 14 with discounts and special offers.
Updated 15 Aug, 2022

Every year, we see brands do something different for Independence Day but this year we’re celebrating 75 years of Pakistan and some brands have decided to do something different.

Here are some offers you might want to take advantage of this Independence Day weekend.

1. Lals Chocolates

You can now purchase customised chocolates and gift packages ranging from sweet to savoury goodies packed by Lals Chocolates for your loved ones on this special occasion.

Independence Day deals are now live on Lals’ website with a special Bundt cake with green and white coloured frosting, dark chocolate cupcakes with colourful frosting, Azadi cookies, a nine-piece chocolate box wrapped in customised truck art paper, a chocolate hamper, their chocolate bar library and more available.

2. Midira Jewellery

Want to add some patriotic bling to your wardrobe? Midira has you covered. The brand has a ring with the chand sitara design and a Pakistan flag necklace on sale this weekend.

3. Wear Manto’s Shaan-e-Azaadi collection

Known for their unique designs, Wear Manto has come out with a special collection called Shaan-e-Azaadi that has poetry by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Allama Iqbal printed on the silk scarves. The scarves also feature Pakistan’s colours and the map.

4. Conatural

The brand known for their skincare and hair-care products is offering a flat 25 per cent on all of their products right now on their website.

**5. Dazzle by Sarah **

The shoe brand that sports one of a kind khussas is offering up to 50 per cent off on all products available on their site.

**6. Zhoosh **

From eyeshadows to lipsticks of various formulas, the brand is also offering a 50 per cent discount on all their products.

7. O Donuts

This Independence Day, O Donuts is offering OD Boms with raspberry pudding, dark chocolate, tiramisu and Nutella banoffee as the main flavours as part of their August 14 deal.

8. Organic Traveller Skincare

Want to stock up skincare? Now’s your chance to add all the sunscreen, serums and masks to your cart on Organic Traveller’s site as the brand is offering 15 per cent off on all products.

9. Paul - Bakery & Cafe

And last but not least, Paul - Bakery & Cafe has launched special limited Independence Day menu items for just Rs75.