The Pakistan cricket team losing to Sri Lanka doesn’t make netizens love Babar Azam any less

Published 28 Jul, 2022 02:08pm

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Sri Lanka beat Pakistan on the final day of the second Test series but Twitter was full of praise for the Pakistani skipper.

<p>Photo: PCB /Instagram</p>

Photo: PCB /Instagram

The Sri Lanka versus Pakistan Test series cemented something we already knew — Babar Azam is everyone’s favourite player. Even when Sri Lanka won the match by 246 runs on Thursday, Twitter was full of praise for the Pakistani captain.

The skipper has also reached a new milestone — securing the third spot in the ICC’s ranking for top batsman in every format.

Azam stood unbeaten in Pakistan’s monumental chase of 508 runs up until Sri Lankan spinner Prabath Jayasuriya took two wickets on day five to lead his team to victory in the second Test. Sri Lanka won by 246 runs on the fifth day of the series.

For this Twitter user, Azam was the last hope for the people of Pakistan.

“Imagine the pressure on that guy, batting his team out of the pressure situations, scoring almost 60 per cent of the team runs every time, batting with the tail-enders,” wrote one user, who called Azam “truly the best”.

For this one it’s Babar versus Sri Lanka.

He’s a “one man army”.

People were praising the GOAT for his form.

Whether you win or lose, we still love you, wrote some netizens.

Azam’s smile is enough for this user.

For this user what’s important is to cherish the team for “the best times” they gave us.

Azam wasn’t the only cricketer being appreciated.

This user reasoned that we can’t expect one man to rescue us every match. “Babar is always batting as a lone warrior,” they wrote.

What were your thoughts on the match?