27 Jul, 2022

2022 is the year of BTS. After releasing hit singles this year as well as an album, the band now have an upcoming cookbook that will allow fans to recreate recipes by their favourite band members.

Their fans, also known as the BTS ARMY, know how the band has always enjoyed making food and eating it as one unit. Recipes close to each band member and “cooked and enjoyed” on the show BTS In The Soop will now be available in the form of a recipe book.

On Wednesday, a short video clip was shared by HYBE EDU on YouTube as well as BTS’ Weverse account. It revealed that the cookbook will have two editions, global and Japanese.

“This book is for those who wanted to know more about dishes BTS cooked and enjoyed. It contains BTS’ various stories about cooking, recipes and cooking videos that you can easily follow, and special cooking tips from experts!” read the description of the video.

The video kicks off with Jungkook, who asks his fellow band members about breaking egg yolk in their ramyeon and hence the seven members divide over how they like to eat ramyeon.

The book cover will feature the members’ personalities as well. The book itself comes in two colours, bottle green for global edition and bright lemon yellow for the Japanese edition. Both books feature metallic silver and green alphabets that feature kitchen cutlery as a creative element to their very simple book. The book also has a colour element in it in the form of the ingredient list as well as photos of the band members.

The short clip featured Jungkook’s recipe for Janchi-guksu, Korean noodles in a broth, V’s Nurungji-gwaja, Korean scorched rice, and the band’s take on Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi fried rice).

The book also features QR codes that will allow readers to scan and receive videos of BTS members cooking the recipe from the book.

Touted as “the book of tasty stories”, the BTS Recipe Book will release on July 28 worldwide at 11am Korean Standard time. While its date of release and time was part of the video, the availability, details about online retailers selling the book or an online site have yet to be confirmed. The price of the book has not been confirmed either.

Formed in 2013, BTS is one of the biggest bands in the world. The K-pop group shot to fame globally for hits like ‘Mic Drop’, ‘Butter’, ‘Permission to Dance’, ‘Idol’ and more. The group consists of seven members — RM, J-hope, V, Jungkook, Suga, Jin and Jimin.

Last month, the group announced that they are taking a break to work on solo projects. Since then J-hope released his album Jack In The Box and is the first South Korean to headline a major US musical festival in Chicago while Jungkook collaborated with Charlie Puth for ‘Left and Right’.