14 Jul, 2022

It’s July 14 and you know what that means — it’s Resident Evil day! But it might as well be called Ahad Raza Mir day because the actor’s fans are ecstatic about his Hollywood debut and are making sure he knows it.

Upon hearing that Mir had been cast in the show, his fans bookmarked the date, waiting eagerly for the Hum Tum actor’s appearance in the Netflix series. Now that it’s out, they’ve made sure to not only binge watch it but also have the star trending on Twitter, sending their love to the actor.

From raving about his chemistry with Ella Balinska (who plays Jade) to posting their favourite scenes and telling the Ehd-e-Wafa actor he killed it, Pakistani Twitter is filled with tweets of pure glee.

The wait is over indeed.

And Arjun Batra has made his entry.

Fans are proud.

Fans are working hard to get his name out there.

The chemistry between Mir and Balinska is “insane”.

Another scene that has their hearts.

Some are only watching Mir’s scenes.

The actor is trending in Pakistan and India.

Are you going to watch the series?