'Please take your dirty comments elsewhere': Ayesha Omar defends BTS video from Rehbra shoot

'Please take your dirty comments elsewhere': Ayesha Omar defends BTS video from Rehbra shoot

Some netizens made crude remarks about her and Ahsan Khan in the video's comment section, forcing Omar to respond.
28 Jun, 2022

Sometimes people take onscreen chemistry too seriously — actor Ayesha Omar posted a BTS video with her Rehbra costar Ahsan Khan atop a horse and online trolls had a field day with it. The actors were quick to respond and tell them to "take their dirty comments elsewhere".

On Friday, Omar shared the horse video and later edited the caption to include a note specifically aimed at those who had something unpleasant to say about it. "P.s. turned off comments! Don't want negative energy around. We just doing our work baby and laughing through the hard, tough shoot to keep our energy, mood and focus up. It was freezing and raining and we hadn't slept properly in days because of nonstop shoot. We had 30 minutes to finish the entire sequence. We still put in our best with smiles on our faces. And that's NOT easy," she wrote in the caption.

She then clarified that there is no relationship between the costars other than a professional and friendly one. "Ahsan and I are buddies for life and there is no other "intention" involved except to play our characters to the best of our abilities. Not that I need to give an explanation but I felt like it."

This was in response to comments under the video that tried to shame the actors for how close they were sitting on the horse and made inappropriate implications. Social media users who are okay with witnessing intimacy onscreen seemed to have very strong feelings about seeing how it is filmed behind the scenes. They blamed the actors for the "destruction of society", among a host of other things.

The Bulbulay actor prompted her followers to go watch Rehbra to see the actual scene for the BTS clip. "You'll love it, it's adorable. And do give me feedback for it under my next BTS video. I would love some constructive criticism so we can work on ourselves and do better next time," she said.

Swinging back at the trolls. she concluded with, "Oh, and please take your dirty comments elsewhere."

Omar posted the edited caption on her story as well, for good measure.

Khan also commented on the issue. Addressing the trolls he said, "It's just a simple scene where I try [to] save my heroin[e] and we only have one horse to flee! If you have to save someone in real life, what will you do? Relax guys."

Online trolls need to learn that it's always better to stay quiet than to make comments based on assumptions. And to avoid speaking on matters that in no way concern them. Follow Omar's advice and watch Rehbra and chill.