Netflix's Indian Matchmaking season 2 promises the return of Sima Aunty and a lot more drama

Netflix's Indian Matchmaking season 2 promises the return of Sima Aunty and a lot more drama

The show was fodder for many memes about the matchmaker and criticised for its problematic portrayal of desi rishta culture.
Updated 11 May, 2022

Netflix's reality show Indian Matchmaking is back for its second season and promises even more drama featuring Sima Taparia, a matchmaker who instantly shot to fame through the show and its subsequent memes. The show was hated as much as it was loved for exploring the concept of arranged marriage and what goes behind finding 'the one'.

On May 10, a post was shared by Netflix Golden revealing Taparia back in her element.

“It's wedding season and Seema Aunty is back. Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking is coming soon!” read the caption. It highlighted the presence of the now infamous matchmaker introducing the concept of arranged marriages in India. Like season one, she's seen giving importance to the alignment of the stars and says she does what she does to "make others happy".

Ever since the news was shared, netizens have dropped by to remind the streaming service why a second instalment of the show wasn't wanted.

In response to Netflix India's tweet, a few Twitter users compared the trailer to a nightmare and said if it were to have a face it would be the teaser trailer while others wrote, "No one, asked for this. the last remaining of my brain cells died watching this first look."

One user was ready for the inevitable memes.

Another responded and said Indian Matchmaking scarred him.

For this ,user the only way season 2 could work was if the original couples never get together.

Another expressed how he dislikes Sima Aunty's reservations about divorcees.

Some followers even commented under the original post shared on Instagram

A follower pointed out that while the first season was "bad" she's sure she'll end up watching the second. Another laughed at Taparia's cameo in the teaser. "No expectations from Seema aunty. She will mess up India's image again. No wonder it's controversial," wrote a user. Another asked Sima Aunty to match them with their crush.

In the series, Taparia, a marriage consultant from Mumbai, helps a group of eight young people find their perfect match. Her looks of quiet judgment and one-liners made her a meme star and the series a hit. Regardless of her stance, the show highlighted desi rishta culture at its best (or worst, depending how you look at it).

The show aired in 2020 and got everyone talking online for its problematic standards of qualifying single men and women. Last year, the show was renewed and a casting call was made for Indian people living in the UK, US and Canada who want to be a part of the show. While it's confirmed that the show is going to air this year, it still doesn't have a set release date.