This little girl 'stealing snacks' from her kitchen fridge is the cutest thing you'll see online today

Published 02 Aug, 2021 06:08pm

Images Staff

Her dad lovingly posts videos of his daughter "caught in the act" on his TikTok channel.

A TikTok dad is winning the hearts of netizens around the world by posting the most adorable videos of his little girl caught in the act of "stealing" treats from their kitchen.

The dad, named Ja’Rell, operates a TikTok channel by the name of Snackbandits and regularly posts videos of the adorable food bandit herself — his daughter Dylan. If you can't access TikTok, don't worry — the videos are also available on Instagram.

It all started when dear old dad caught Dylan sneaking some yoghurt out of the fridge at seven months old. Things took a downturn after that and little Dylan's been regularly raiding the fridge ever since.

She even knows the importance of choosing the right accessory while thieving around for a delicious and healthy snack.

There was no end to little Dylan's sticky fingers after that. Her dad soon caught her redhanded yet again, sneaking around for food in the vegetable drawer.

The little girl has several hiding places throughout the house to eat her stolen snacks in. This one would have been the perfect spot as well if she hadn't been busted so soon.

It wasn't long before Dylan had an accomplice to help her score some food out of the fridge — their pet dog Bella.

Dylan's appetite for the thrill of the game grew exponentially. She stole not just one but many snacks from the fridge. Her getaway vehicle of choice? A toy grocery cart.

Apparently Dylan's sticky fingers couldn't keep away from the grocery aisles either.

And in case you weren't aware, she also has super-baby strength to throw all her loot into a grocery cart and push it away from the scene of the crime.

The TikTok channel featuring Dylan and her shenanigans has more than 700,000 followers and the videos have received a whopping 14 million views so far. If you want a daily dose of cuteness and wholesome father-daughter fun, this is the channel for you.